Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gifts For Gamers: T-Shirts Worn By Sheldon Cooper

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Gifts For Gamers

The Big Bang Theory has been one of my favorite TV series for quite some time now.  At the center of the Big Bang Theory is everyone's favorite physicist, Sheldon Cooper, who's style is like none other.  This week on Gifts For Gamers, I'm featuring a selection of some of the shirts worn by Sheldon Cooper.  You can find these Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts in the various episodes of all seasons of The Big Bang Theory.  Any true Big Bang Theory fan, will recognize many (if not all) of these Sheldon Cooper Tees.  If you are looking for games and other items inspired by TBBT, then also check out these posts: 17 Great Gift Ideas For Big Bang Theory Fan & Cute TeeTurtle Tees featuring Sheldon, Penny, and Howard From The Big Bang Theory.

Do you remember seeing Sheldon in these shirts?

Ames Bros Flash Ray Gun Vintage Blue T-shirt

Ames Bros Man-Bot Vintage Graphic Green Tee

DC Comics Aquaman Orange Tee

Ames Bros Destroyer Vintage Blue T-shirt

Big Bang Theory The Wesley Crushers Bowling Team T-Shirt

The Flash III Lightning By Michael Turner Burnt Orange Tee

Mens Officially Licensed DC Comics Flash Logo T-Shirt

The Green Lantern Logo Striped Sleeves T-shirt

The Greatest American Hero TV Show Series Logo Red Tee Shirt

Justice League Unlimited Hawkman Symbol Gold Tee

The Green Arrow Shield Bullseye Green Adult Tee

Rubik's Cube Melting Black T-shirt

Green Lantern Red Lantern Corps Symbol Red Tee

Robot Evolution T-shirt

Green Lantern Violet Lantern Corps Symbol Purple Tee

Test Pattern Light Blue T-shirt

Superman Distressed Logo With Striped Sleeves Black Tee

Checkered Test Pattern Purple T-shirt
I hope you enjoyed the Sheldon Cooper T-Shirt Collection that I put together for you.  If you know a Big Bang Theory fan, I'm sure they would be very excited to get any of these T-Shirts for Christmas, a birthday gift, or just to earn some cool points! 

Remember, Season 5 of the Big Bang Theory is out now on DVD and you can also get a Boxed Set with Seasons 1-5, if you haven't started collecting the seasons yet.  I own all 5 seasons of The Big Bang Theory on DVD myself and the replay value is amazing.  I've watched mine at least 4-5 times each episode already!

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