Friday, November 30, 2012

Patch 5.1 Golden Lotus & Potion of Luck NERFS

WoW Patch 5.1 Landfall:
Golden Lotus and Potion of Luck Changes

The first major Patch of the Mists of Pandaria expansion cycle hit the live servers this last Tuesday (US) / Wednesday (UK).  Along with many of the expected changes were various unannounced changes, or what we refer to as Stealth Changes or Stealth Nerfs.  There have been a few stealth changes that are pretty big hits to certain styles of crafting, farming, & gold making.  One of the biggest Patch 5.1 stealth changes was the changes to the Golden Lotus vendor and the Potion of Luck.

Golden Lotus Vendor and Potion of Luck Changes

Prior to the release of WoW Patch 5.1, the Alliance and Horde Spirit of Harmony vendors located within the Pandarian capital cities would sell you 3 Golden Lotus for 1 Spirit of Harmony.  As an Engineer with limited use for the Spirits of Harmony, I was constantly trading them in for 3 Golden Lotuses.  The Golden Lotuses get sent to my Alchemist and she crafts Potions of Luck, which prior to Patch 5.1 required 3 Golden Lotuses per Potion of Luck. 

Then came Patch 5.1.  I noticed the change to the Golden Lotus / Spirit of Harmony vendor within minutes of logging in and was pretty upset as I had waited to trade in a large stack of Spirits of Harmony.  After I logged over to craft the Potions of Luck after the Patch 5.1 had been implemented, I saw that the Potion of Luck recipe has now been changed to only require 1 Golden Lotus.  Ok, so the nerf to the vendor isn't so bad, because you can make 2 Potions of Luck from every Spirit of Harmony, which is twice what you could craft before.  Which would be great and turn these stealth changes into a buff, as opposed to a stealth nerf, if that was all that was changed.  Unfortunately it gets worse.

Potion of Luck now only lasts for 20 minutes and the 1 hour useage cooldown remains.  Oh c'mon Blizzard!  Currently, we can only farm with a Potion of Luck for 20 minutes out of every hour.  Overall the changes will result in less Potion of Luck farming on the same character since you can't just drink potions back to back for hours of farming. 

On a similar note:  Cataclysm's Potion of Treasure Finding remains unchanged.

PS: Blingtron 4000 also got nerfed and now only gives 1 daily quest per account.  No more logging multiple alts for multiple gifts.


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  1. Err, I'm looking at my Potions in the bag. lasts 1 hour, cd 1 hour. they were crafted a week ago so maybe that's the reason why they aren't messed up.

    1. Yes! At least they didn't nerf the pre-existing ones! That's got Extra Profit / Huge Mark-up written all over the old ones which are tons better in my opinion!

      Hit the AH and grab all the older versions before others realize it too!

  2. Well that sucks and I don't understand the 20 minutes of an hour thing at all. I don't use the potion myself I am still endlessly farming rep but between that and the various other recent changes Blizzard have made they seem to want to just annoy a lot of their players and ignore the play the way you want thing they have been telling us about.

  3. BTW the Blingtron nerf is account-wide, not just the WoW account that is locked to a single gift.


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