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Cold's Must See Old School Gamer DVD List

I've been a gamer for almost my entire life, with my early childhood roots deep within the fantasy, anime, and science fiction genres.  This week on Gifts for Gamers, I've compiled a list of the Top 15 movies and animated motion pictures from my childhood.  These are all excellent movies for any gaming fan and many of them can be enjoyed by children as well as gaming adults.  Many of these are hard to find rarities or are movies that you may never even have been exposed to, especially if you aren't as old as I am.  Trust me, this is an amazing collection of gamer type fantasy, science fiction, and animation movies that you are bound to enjoy just as much as I always have and still do.  So be sure to check these titles out, whether you purchase or just rent, these are great films.

Cold's Top 15 Old School Gamer Friendly DVDs
(In No Particular Order)

Record Of Lodoss War

  1. Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series - The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon was a must see every Saturday!
  2. Record of Lotus War: The Complete Series, Vols 1- 13. - The Best DnD based fantasy anime cartoon series ever.  Super Rare and Hard to Find, but Worth It!
  3. The Dark Crystal - Created by Jim Henson (of Muppets fame) combining puppetry, animatronics, and amazing storytelling to create the coolest movie I ever saw as a child. 
  4. Ghost In The Shell - An amazing blend of drawn animation and computer-generated imagery made this science fiction mystery a huge hit.
  5. Vampire Hunter D - Another super rare animatEd classic features a main character whom is half-human, half-vampire and hunts his own kind, while battling his own internal evils.  For mature audiences due to the undercurrent of sexuality and sadism.
  6. Ninja Scroll - Simply the best Ninja based Japanese Anime ever that combines supernatural fantasy with a samurai action adventure.
  7. The Beastmaster - Similar to Conan (some would call this a rip-off), but the Beastmaster is ranger instead of a Barbarian.  The Beastmaster enlist the help of animals to avenge the destruction of his village and death of his father.  This is also the movie that Diablo 3's Ferrets are based off of.
  8. Legend - Early fantasy at it's best.  Still a great movie after all these years and who would though that about a Tom Cruise film!
  9. Labyrinth - Jim Henson & George Lucas join forces and have David Bowie as the main villian living in an M.C. Escher inspired castle. WoW!
  10. Time Bandits - A band of time traveling midgets in true Monty Python-esque style storytelling by Terry Gilliam.  One of the best early 80s movies that you've never seen before!
  11. Krull - A Sci-Fi / Fantasy Hybrid with crazy visuals, costumes, and sets.  Another must watch every time it was on TV type of film.
  12. Watership Down - The animated tale of the book by the same name.  Follow the band of rabbits as they illegally leave their warren after a prophecy of doom, in search for a place safe from humans and predators.  Warning: This is NOT a cutesy rabbit cartoon made for children. It is violent, brutal, and gorey.  Characters die, get eaten alive, are torn to pieces by dogs, etc.  Do not show this to children unless you want to give them nightmares about the Black Rabbit of Inle!  This one is a tear-jerker too, so you have been warned.
  13. Conan: The Complete Quest - Includes both Conan The Barbarian and Conan The Destroyer.
  14. Flash Gordon: Saviour of the Universe - Based on a 1930s comic strip with Music by Queen, this film features Flash and Dale Arden racing through space to battle Ming the Merciless, to save the Earth from total destruction.
  15. The Adventures Of Sinbad - Seasons One and Two detailing the adventures of the hero from 1001 Arabian Nights.

I hope you found a few movies or animations on this list that have peeked your interest.  Are there any other great 80s-90s gamer friendly movies that I've missed?

A few Honorable Mentions are: The Princess Bride, Tron, Voltron, Transformers the Movie, Clash of the Titans (Original), Willow, & The Hobbit (Original Animated).

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