Monday, October 8, 2012

Exchange Your Blackfallow Now! Ink Traders Change Tomorrow!

Blackfallow and Ink of Dreams Trader
Ink Trader Warning - Short Notice

Inscription Ink Traders To Be Updated Tomorrow

That's right.  That's one hell of a short notice!  According to a blue post, the Inscription Ink Vendors will finally be getting the previously expected Ink conversions update.  After tomorrow's down time on October 9th, 2012, the Inscription Ink Vendors will no longer be converting Blackfallow Ink into the other possible Inks used by Scribes.  The newest Mists of Pandaria expansion Inks, the Ink of Dreams, will become the new currency for swapping Inks to the other versions.  Starlight Ink is the new rare Ink from the MoP expansion and will also be available starting tomorrow from the same Inscription Ink vendors. 

Make Sure To Swap Out Any Blackfallow Inks Before Tommorrow!

You should swap out every Blackfallow Ink for the older Inks prior to tomorrow or you risk being stuck with them.  After the conversion tomorrow, the Blackfallow Ink will be next to worthless since they are only required for a single Glyph (Glyph of Colossal Smash).  They can always be used by Scribes to craft Forged Documents for easy gold, but with the daily cooldown on the Forged Documents you won't be unloading many very fast through that Inscription daily quest. 

The final option for using up any Blackfallow Inks you get stuck with would be to craft them into Mysterious Fortune Cards and / or Fortune Cookies.  Fortune Cookies probably aren't a good idea anymore, even as cheap leveling buff food since Pandaren quests and mobs award you more buff food than in previous expansions.  So the only good use of Blackfallow Inks will continue to be the Mysterious Fortune Cards, which continue to sell well on my server.  The crazy thing is that all of my competition in the MFC market has pretty much left out all together, which has left me being the sole seller since the launch of Mists of Pandaria.  I'm still firing off my MFC Barks while in town and the gold is still rolling in from MFC sales.  A new expansion always brings new players to WoW, which is just one of the times MFC cards are super easy gold making.  There is no new MFC equivalent in Mists of Pandaria either, so the MFC Mastery barking strategies are still very valid and continue to earn many of my disciples easy gold.  Mysterious Fortune Cards will never be obsolete!

Keep this in mind, if you happen to see players dumping loads of Blackfallow Inks after the maintenance tomorrow because they didn't know any better and got stuck with a bunch of Blackfallow Inks. 

You Have Been Warned - Trade Those Blackfallow Inks In Now!  Tomorrow Is Too Late!


10-9 Update: MAYBE NOT - Blizzard screwed the pooch again and didn't get it patched as warned.  Looks like you have another week to go unless it gets hotfixed before next realm maintenance.

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  1. Well, it was a good ride for a while being able to use those BF inks for so long. The prices dropped heavily so it became easy conversions (although somewhat time consuming but that's what inscription is about anyway). Now to see how many cheap BF I can find in a few days to put up some mysterious cards.

  2. Ok, so apparently Blizz has not implemented this (unless it'll be during today's maine). I can only say that when buying BF ink, just make sure you trade them in each day just in case this eventually comes.


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