Monday, October 1, 2012

Blackwater Cutlass - Easy Monk Profits

Making WoW Gold Off Monks - Blackwater Cutlass

Flipping Blackwater Cutlass in Mists of Pandaria
Flipping Blackwater Cutlass Post Mists of Pandaria
 Blackwater Cutlass

Blackwater Cutlass is a super nice piece of low level gear that can leads to easy profits on the WoW auction house.  One of the areas of profiting in any major expansion is to target items to craft and sell to the new players and new characters.  With Mists of Pandaria, it was a no-brainer to target poorly underpriced goods that were selling for very little gold prior to the expansion that would be expected to see an increase in demand and profit potential in the new expansion.  I set my sights on a bunch of leveling gear and weapons that I expected to see a nice profit potential (or Bargain Blues Shopping) with the wave of new Monk characters that we all knew would arrive along with Mists of Pandaria.  In addition to crafting items that Monks will buy, I was also grabbing monk friendly items to flip for a profit as well.

Blackwater Cutlass
Today I present to you one of the fastest selling and nicely profitable items that I had been buying out to flip for all of the new Monks.  The Blackwater Cutlass is by far the best of all of the gear and items that I had stockpiled to flip.  I've been flipping the Blackwater Cutlass for 5 days now and I've already sold 16 of them.  The chart above shows the Alliance side of my server, where I was buying the Cutlass for 2-16 gold each and flipping for 69 gold a piece.  I had less supply on the Horde side, but was able to increase my prices because of the supply shortage to 125 gold each.  Overall, my Resale MySales data shows that the 16 sold had an average Sale Price of around 75 gold, with an average purchase price of around 6 gold.  I've recently sold out on both factions, so I grabbed a few more that I saw posted with hopes of flipping them for an even higher price, but others have now caught on and are dropping the prices down on me.  The demand has been high enough that I'm not worried about undercutters, as they can sell theirs and mine should sell too. 

Blackwater Cutlass on All US Servers
Take a look at the price and supply of Blackwater Cutlass on your server.  There may still be plenty of chances for flipping them for a nice profit per sale like I have been doing.  The Undermine Journal shows that the prices are still pretty low on far too many of the WoW auction houses.  Hurry and start flipping them before everyone else catches on too!

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