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Top 6 Items To Craft For The MoP Monk Influx

Monks & Pandas Incoming In MoP

MoP Monk Influx Suggested Craftables

With the Mists of Pandaria expansion looming and the obvious flood of Monks on the way, it's time to stock up on specific items that we can use to craft items sought after by these new Monk characters.  I have always been heavily invested into the markets that supply new players with gear and enchants at the forefront of every new WoW expansion.  Each and every expansion I have made hefty profits selling low level gear and enchants to the floods of new and returning players and characters.

With my years of experience selling items to new and leveling characters, I can say with absolute certainty that these are the 6 best items to stock up on to sell to new characters, specifically to the new Monks.  I've have always stocked up on the required crafting materials for months ahead of time, and I NEVER have enough items to meet the massive demand.  I've already been stocking up on these required crafting materials and again I will not have enough to supply the masses of new players coming in Mists of Pandaria.  The demand for these items is just massive and unless you've been stocking up on the materials for months, you should be able to sell every one that you craft too.  The limitation partly stems from the inability to obtain large quantities of some of these materials due to their decreased drop rates.

I can never craft enough of these leveling items because they are top quality items for levelings and players who like to gear out their leveling characters.  I sold out in Cataclysm again and that was with no new character class being added.  With the addition of Monks, the demand on these low level items is going to explode.  Due to the difficulty in obtaining the recipe or materials for these items, you don't have to worry about leveling characters flooding your market as they level their professions.

Top 6 Items To Craft For Monks
  1. Barbaric Bracers - A favorite among twinks and leveling characters.  Large fangs are super rare now and this pushes the price and profits up even higher than in previous expansions when I would easily sell out for 125 gold each.
  2. Deviate Scale Belts - Recipe no longer obtainable, so very easy market to control completely.  Perfect Deviate Scales are the limiting factor in how many you will be able to craft and sell.
  3. Toughened Leather Gloves - Spider's Silk requirement makes these rarely seen for sale on the Auction House.  Stock up or farm the Spider's Silk now and make these in MoP.
  4. Malachite Pendant - These are the only ones we may see flood the market from JC profession levelers.  Fear not, this is one of the best low level items to buy up and flip for huge profits, because it's the only + Agility neck piece for a while.
  5. +15 Agility To Weapon Enchant - The best enchant for Monk fist weapons and now sought by Hunters, Rogues, Druids, & Monks.  Stock up on those Essence of Air and Large Brilliant Shards.
  6. Fiery Weapon Enchant - #1 selling enchant for leveling characters overall in my experiences.  Sure Crusader sells to some classes and Mighty Intellect to others, but Enchant Weapon: Fiery flies off the auction house when a new expansion drops.  Rich players buy +15 Agi; poor players buy Fiery.
Stocking Up Materials For These Great Monk Items

Here is the master list of materials you will need to craft these 6 items.  Start stocking up now, especially on the rare and hard to find items like: Perfect Deviate Scale, Large Fangs, & Spider Silk, & Heavy Hides.

Barbaric Bracers
  • Heavy Leather (8)
  • Cured Heavy Hide (2)
  • Small Lustrious Pearls (4)
  • Raptor Hide (1)
  • Large Fangs (4) - Where to Farm Large Fangs
Deviate Scale Belt
  • Perfect Deviate Scales (6)
  • Deviate Scales (4)
Toughened Leather Gloves
  • Medium Leather (4)
  • Cured Medium Hide (2)
  • Elixer of Defense (2) [Wild Steelbloom & Stranglekelp]
  • Spider's Silk (2) - Where to Farm Spider's Silk
Enchant Weapon: Agility (+15 Agi)
  • Large Brilliant Shards (4)
  • Essence of Air (4)
Enchant Weapon: Fiery
  • Small Radiant Shards (4)
  • Essence of Fire (4)
If you can't seem to get enough of these materials from the auction house you may turn to farming your own.  If you can't acquire enough on your own, once Mists of Pandaria actually launches, you may be able to find these materials listed for cheap on the Auction House as new players post them for well under their true value.

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