Friday, August 24, 2012

Remote Auction House Tips For New Users

Remote Auction House Tips
WoW Remote Auction House Now Free

Remote Auction House Is Now Free

Gone are the $2.99/ month fees associated with the Remote Auction House.  As of yesterday, 08/23/12, Blizzard has announced that the World of Warcraft Remote application is now free to all WoW subscribers.  Both the Remote AH and the Guild Chat features are now free and usable by all. 

This Remote Auction House change comes just a week or so after I had chosen the next month's Gold Blogging Carnival topic to be the Remote Auction House.  So be sure to check back for multiple articles from a variety of bloggers with tips and tricks on using the remote auction house for making gold in WoW.

While this is a positive change that allows us to not have to pay for the remote services, there are still drawbacks to having the access be free.  For starters, you will have more competition with easier access to undercut you as well as there being more sets of eyes out hunting for bargains and sniping auctions.  I've already started to see an impact in some markets that I am a big purchaser through the Remote AH, especially with my Bargain Blues Stockpile Strategy For MoP.  More hands in the pot, means less treats for us all.
One thing I can't stress enough for brand new users of the WoW Remote AH.

Double Check Your Postings Until You Get The Hang Of It!
Make Sure To Double Check:
  1. Quantity Being Posted
  2. Price Per Item
  3. Price Per Stack
It is very easy to accidentally post a full stack of goods for the price of a single item, if you aren't familiar with the Remote AH interface.  We've all done it, so I'm trying to warn you ahead of time.  On the flipside, be watching for any erroneously priced goods the next few weeks as new players and new users are bound to screw up their postings.  Keep an eye out for steals!

Here are 3 previous articles that I have written about the Remote Auction House In WoW.  These are worth a second read, or first if you ignored them the first time, since now everyone can use the free remote application.
 Enjoy the free remote auction house, but be careful not to list stuff for the wrong prices.

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