Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finally A Way To Turn Gold Into Dollars?

Savage Raptor WoW TCG Mount Card
Turning Your Gold Into Dollars With TCG Mounts
 Turning Your Gold Into Dollars

The Mists of Pandaria expansion is bringing a lot of changes to what we have grown accustomed to in World of Warcraft.  With these changes we are seeing a complete overhaul to both the pet and mount systems.  These changes are opening the pathways to some new and different avenues of profiting both in and out of the game. 

Euripides already wrote about the possibilities of transferring wealth between servers with battle pets.  It's a novel idea, but I have no interest in having gold on multiple servers or playing the markets on multiple servers.  Hell, it's hard enough to maintain both the Horde and Alliance auction houses on my own server, much less having to look for deals on other servers.  So, I won't be participating in trying to move around caged battle pets.  I will however, be very interested in utilizing the changes to the mount system to make real life profits.

Making Money With WoW TCG Mounts

I was chatting on Twitter with a fellow goldmaker, Farli from The Overcut, earlier today after I saw him tweet that he had just snatched up a rare WoW Trading Card Game mount that he is planning on flipping for extra gold once Mists of Pandaria comes out.  Then I had a revelation.  Why sell it for gold, when you can sell it for cash? It's going to be entirely possible with the new changes coming to how the mounts work.

In Mists of Pandaria, all of your mounts will be Account Wide instead of just on the character that learned the mount.  This announcement alone has already led to increased demand and continually increasing prices for all of the WoW TCG Mount Loot Codes.  Similarly, the WoW TCG Pet Loot Codes are also selling quickly and are also seeing the prices increase as they are going account bound in MoP as well.  And when we say Account Bound, it's truely account bound.  Any character, regardless of server, will have access to the same pets and mounts collection that will be accessed through the new Pet & Mount UI tabs.

So obviously this makes purchasing a WoW TCG mount more valuable, since every character of yours will be able to flaunt that mount, even any new characters that you create on any server!

Using WoW TCG mounts to purchase gold in a roundabout way has always been legit.  Blizzard made changes to allow the WoW TCG mounts to create a BoE mount that you can trade on the auction house to prevent getting ripped off.  You can spend money on a loot code, then get the item to sell in game.  The end result is that you paid money for Warcraft gold legally. 

Now we will finally be able to turn the tables and turn our hard earned gold into real life money, using this same system in reverse.  The biggest drawback to the mount code change of creating BoE mounts has been that you pretty much needed to find a buyer on your current server.  If you chose to sell the TCG mount to another player, that player either needed to already be on your server, or one of you would face extra charges of transferring a character to deliver the mount. 

Well, that will no longer be a limiting factor once the new mount UI is implemented.  Which means you can sell those rare mounts to anyone within your region (Us/Oceanic/EU only) or shop for a rare mount on any server you have gold on.  How so?

Getting Paid For Your Gold Making
  1. Find a WoW TCG Mount on your server, Spectral Tiger as an example.
  2. Buy the Spectral Tiger off AH with gold.
  3. Find a buyer for the Spectral Tiger (eBay, Craigslist, Forums, Blogs, etc)
  4. Buyer makes an Alt on your server.
  5. Show Spectral Tiger to buyer and receive payment from buyer.
  6. Trade Spectral Tiger to buyer.
  7. Buyer learns Spectral Tiger on new alt.
  8. Now all of the buyer's characters can mount the Spectral Tiger, regardless of server.
Note: If you do decide to sell your mounts for real money and use Paypal to complete the sale, be sure to document and screenshot the entire transaction for your safety as Paypal leaves the burden of proof on the seller should an issue arise.  I would have the buyer create the alt on your server first and require that the character's name be included in the payment he sends to help validate screenshots you take of the transaction.

I'm unsure of whether this would technically be allowed or disallowed by the Terms of Service, but it really isn't much different than selling the physical WOW TCG loot cards, except that the code has already been redeemed for the in-game item.  This is safer than blindly buying loot codes from other players that may or may not have already been used. 

Why flip for gold when you can flip for cash!?!

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  1. This is actually against the ToS. You may buy in-game items for in-game currency (gold for the "Reins of the ..."), and RL items for RL currency (dollars for mount cards/codes), but you may not buy RL items for in-game currency (gold for game time cards) or in-game items for RL currency (cash for items). This has been covered pretty extensively and clearly in blue posts.

  2. An interesting possibility, but anyone who'd be willing to buy a mount in that fashion is begging to get scammed.

    I'm fairly certain it would be against the ToS as once the item is digital it is the property of Blizzard (hence why you can sell the card --a physical product-- on ebay, but wouldn't be able to sell the mount itself).

    Either way, if I were going to buy a TCG mount for money I'd stick to the unscratched cards.

  3. Against the TOS isn't that big of a deal. Be see dupers, we support botters, we buy RAF mounts and codes, sell gold for $, etc.

    And who says you aren't just paying someone to redeem the physical code for you? That's a service and not an a virtual item. ;)

    Yeah it's not always allowed by the ToS, but that hasn't stopped people from doing it.


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