Monday, August 27, 2012

Treasure Finding / AoE Looting Barking Strat For Patch 5.0.4

AoE Looting and Treasure Finding In WoW Patch 5.0.4
  • Tonight is the last night to get all of your Blackfallow Inks converted.
  • Tonight is the last night to craft Enchanted Thorium Blades for cheap Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dust.
The market value of Cataclysm Herbs is about to take a giant nose dive.  The Inscription Ink traders will no longer be accepting the Blackfallow Inks for trading down to other inks.  This leaves Cataclysm Herbs with not much use outside of Alchemy and a few Inscription markets.  So we can all expect a nice crash in the prices of the Cataclysm Herbs as botters and players alike starting dumping mass amounts of Cataclysm Herbs. 
Be on the lookout for a few specific herbs as the prices drop and you too can make gold off of the Herb price crash.
Get Ready To Make Gold With Potion Of Treasure Finding
Other than making gold with Glyphs, another great area to target for increased gold making post Patch 5.0.4 is the Potion of Treasure Finding.  It's time to dust off that Potion Specialized Alchemist.  With the coming crash to Cata Herbs, be on the lookout for the materials required to make the Potion of Treasure Finding.  With the new Area-of-Effect (AoE) Looting addition coming in Patch 5.0.4, the demand for the best potion for Farming in Cataclysm Zones should explode.  We will have a full month to play around with the AoE Looting and find those uber farming spots prior to the actual launch of Mists of Pandaria.  And there is even an AoE Farming Contest organized over at Alt:ernative Chat.
AoE Looting + Potion of Treasure Finding = Faster Loots and More Tiny Treasure Chests Per Hour!

Potion of Treasure Finding - Required Materials:
  • 4 Stormvine
  • 6 Heartblossom
  • 8 Cinderbloom
  • 4 Whiptail
The demand should naturally increase, but be sure to start barking to sell even more of the wonderful Tiny Treasure Chest creating Potions of Treasure Finding.  You will probably be in town relisting Glyphs, crafting items, snatching up cheap Cata Herbs, and looking for more items to craft.  While standing around in town, Getch Yo Bark On!
Barking Treasure Finding Potions 
First off, if you are planning on doing any barking at all, do yourself a favor and download the WoW add-on, Announce It.  Check out that earlier post for more info on the Announce It Add-On.  This will be a great time to put your Barking skills to use and rake in the gold from selling the Potion of Treasure Finding.  Give the barking a try, while you are in town.  You may be shocked at how effective it is, especially if you use a creative barking rotation.  Have fun with it and watch the gold pour in.  I've got a batch of these potions waiting to start barking as soon as I log in to start my Glyph crafting and posting tommorrow.  Do you?
Here are a few example Barks:

AoE Looting Is Finally Here! Grab Some [Potion of Treasure Finding] off the AH and Make The Most of Your AoE Looting!
Headed Out To Test The New AoE Looting? Don't Forget To Getch Yo Drink On! [Potion of Treasure Finding] Available On The AH Now!
[Potion of Treasure Finding] Available For Sale. AoE Loot Those [Tiny Treasure Chest]s! Extra Gold Pieces and Eternals and Embersilk Cloth! Oh My!

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