Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inscription Vendor Mats In Demand Again

Making WoW Gold With Inscription Vendor Mats (Again)

The demand has returned for the Inscription vendor purchasable crafting materials that are only available from the Inscription vendors out in Twilight Highlands.  You remember Casandra Downs and Una Kobuna, right?  These Inscription vendors were the only ones spared from the Twilight Highlands vendor nerf that hit every other profession vendor in Patch 4.1. 

Prior to Patch 4.1, your crafters were locked behind a gated wall that required being level 84 minimum and quest chain completion to unlock the vendors in your faction's city in Twilight Highlands.  The Inscription vendors are STILL locked behind this gate, but the items they sell are still BoE.  So you can take a higher level character out to shop for your Inscription materials and send them to your Scribe via the mail.  You can also sell these same recipe required items back on your local auction house for a nice mark up.  You targeted buyers are Scribes who haven't completed the quest chain, players not high enough level to get them themselves with an alt, the ignorant and clueless, as well as the downright lazy. 

The Inscription Vendor Materials Sold Only In Twilight Highlands:
  • Bleached Jawbone - NOW JUNK!
  • Deathwing Scale Fragment - Used in new staff recipe.
  • Preserved Ogre Eye - Used in new staff recipe.
  • Scavenged Dragon Horn - NOW JUNK!
  • Silver Charm Bracelet - Used in new staff recipe.
These materials are increasing in demand as they are also required for many of the new Inscription staff recipes that have been added in WoW Patch 5.0.4.  I've already been selling the 6g purchased Deathwing Scale Fragments for an easy 125 gold pieces each since the Patch 5.0.4 dropped.  These new blue staffs are great options for getting a nice 3-5 point increase when leveling your Inscription profession.  And with the crazy prices on many servers for glyphs, we can expect to see more fledgling Scribes rushing to level their Inscription profession up too.  Make it easy on them and sell them these materials for crazy mark ups like I do. 

Plain Wooden Staff

Plain Wooden Staff is now a new reagant required for most staffs as well, including the blue staffs that are pre-cursors to the epic MoP staffs craftable with the Inscription profession. The Plain Wooden Staff is a vendor purchased item available from many vendors throughout the world.  This is another BoE crafting material that can be sold on the auction house.

The New Blue Staffs Using Inscription Vendor Mats
Rosethorn Staff - Plain Wooden Staff, Inferno Ink x12, Volatile Life x36, Volatile Water x12, Preserved Ogre Eye

Silver Inlaid Staff - Plain Wooden Staff, Inferno Ink x12, Volatile Life x36, Volatile Air x12, Silver Charmed Bracelet

Runed Staff - Plain Wooden Staff, Inferno Ink x8, Volatile Life x24, Volatile Fire x6, Deathwing Scale Fragment

And another positive benefit of most of the new craftable Staffs is that we finally have another use for Inferno Inks, so hopefully we can sell off a few more of these darn things.  I know many of you are still swimming in Inferno Inks too.

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