Friday, July 22, 2011

How To Use Your Inferno Inks Post Patch 4.2

Reader Questions on Inferno Ink

I received a couple of questions via email from a pair of readers here at Cold's Gold Factory.  Both questions came on the same day and oddly enough, they are both regarding the same topic:  How To Use Inferno Ink these days.
Cold!!!  Help!!!  I don't know what to do with my Inferno Ink anymore since the Trinkets/Decks aren't worth much.  Do i keep making them and hoping for sales?  Do I just put them up on the AH?  They aren't selling well.  I am at a loss.  I'm still milling to make glyphs, although to be honest slowly.  I'm still mildly intimidated by the glyph market.  I'm making money on most everything I do except these darn Inferno Inks.  Feel free to make this a post if you like.  Love the blog, I'm email subscribed and have it in my reader.  Any help you can provide would be awesome.    -Fristy
Thanks for writing in Fristy.  It seems that Hilsen is having the same dilemna as you regarding Inferno Inks and Darkmoon Decks / Trinkets.
I'm one of those Auction House Junkies fans out there. And since I listen to AHJ I know that you too like to make gold on Fortune Cards.
- On to my question...

I make a ton of Fortune Cards. Before 4.2, I was able to use the Burning Embers for Inferno Inks (and then Darkmoon Cards). Darkmoon Cards don't sell anymore and neither does any other item where I can use Inferno Ink's ... so what's your angle?
- Stock up on Inferno Inks (maybe keep them as Burning Embers?)
- Sell them at a low price? (about 12g each for Inferno Inks on my server this second)

Hope you've had the little thought I seem to miss :)      -Hilsen
Inferno Inks and Darkmoon Cards, Decks, Trinkets

The prices have been dropping on Darkmoon Cards and Darkmoon Decks, as well as the respective Trinkets you can collect from the Darkmoon Faire.  I myself had stopped making the Darkmoon Cards and Decks a couple of months ago and have been selling off the last of my single Darkmoon Cards to other Scribes and players completing the Darkmoon Deck sets for the trinkets. 

What To Do With Inferno Inks Then?

Here is a list of the markets that require Inferno Ink as a crafting component.
  • New PvP Relics Since Patch 4.2
  • Leveling Relics
  • Leveling Off-Hands (Books and Tomes)
  • Darkmoon Cards and Decks
  • Runescroll of Fortitude II
  • Royal Scribe's Satchel (Unlocked from Firelands Invasion Vendors)
So there are not a lot of options overall to utilize your Inferno Inks.  The best advice I can give is to stop crafting the Darkmoon cards and start selling off all of your single Darkmoon Cards that you have already crafted.  The new PvP relics have been selling decent for me and they each require 5 Inferno Inks, which can help deplete your stock.  Another great option is to craft the new Inscription Profession bag, the Royal Scribe's Satchel.  You must learn this recipe from the phased and locked vendors that require multiple daily quests to unlock.  These are just starting to unlock for a lot of players, so listing some Inferno Inks on the auction house (as singles and stacks of 3) may see some sales to leatherworkers crafting the new Inscription glyph holding bags. 

I unloaded a ton of my own Inferno Inks as Runescroll of Fortitude II.  I found a player looking for these buff scrolls and he placed a massive order with me and I am free to craft more and send them to him COD.  This has been an excellent way to dump my extra Inferno Inks.  The Runescrolls sell ok on the auction house, but the sales are sporadic, so have patience when listing.  A little barking can go a long way towards getting these sold.  Another option is to find another scribe that needs Inferno Inks and offer to trade some of them for Blackfallow Inks or other Inks that they have.  Then you can use those inks to continue crafting Glyphs or Mysterious Fortune Cards.  There is always a possibility of the introduction of a new item that will require Inferno Inks, but that is a long shot, and I wouldn't want to speculate on that just yet.  Even if another item is added, you can always get more Inferno Inks from milling more Cataclysm herbs, so I wouldn't save or stockpile any Inferno Inks (ever) unless an herb shortage starts to occur.


  1. Might not be the best place for this but just wanted to say that I really think your blog is great. I'm coming from JMTC which, in my opinion, is just not what it used to be - too much BS and not enough content. I always find interesting, relevant blog posts here so I jsut wanted to say thank you for putting in the time to inform us goblins out there. Keep it up!!!

  2. @Anon

    Thanks for the support and thanks for reading. A lot of other blogs have died off and some major ones have slowed their posting schedules or take complete breaks. Continuing with daily content that is informative and relevant is a lot harder than some people might think. Thanks for the comment and welcome home.

    Make sure to check out the podcast if you haven't already.

  3. Thats really odd about the trinkets not selling any more. I even put a post up on Monday entitled DM Trinkets Still Selling and Firelands BOE Sale because I was surprised at how WELL the Darkmoon Faire Trinkets are still selling.


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