Friday, July 29, 2011

Twitter Must Follows in Gold Blogging & Discussion


Twitter has become a massive social media marketing tool.  While Twitter is only one of the 7 types of social media sites, it has been one of the most explosive in terms of recent growth.  I highly suggest signing up and joining Twitter as a Warcraft gold making knowledge seeker.  Some of the most recent discussions among the gold bloggers broke first on Twitter.  Facebook may be the most popular, but Twitter is much easier and allows for a far more focused discussion.

Reasons I Like Twitter
  • Bloggers link their posts to Twitter, which allows for easier reading on my phone.
  • Original ideas often break first on Twitter.
  • Twitter allows for an easy medium to field direct questions from readers and listeners of Auction House Junkies.
  • As a Blogger, Twitter helps to expand my reach to new readers because of the sneeze factor of social media.
  • Many people can use Twitter on their phone, even during their work hour shifts, including me.
Who To Follow On Twitter Re: WoW Gold Making

Start off by following me / Cold's Gold Factory @SSmith0911

The Best of The Rest
  • @EUZoxy - Zoxy of Trading With Zoxy - Zoxy runs an awesome feed.  Anytime a gold blogger does a post, Zoxy's feed reposts it to all of his followers, so follow @EUZoxy and never miss a twitter blog post.
  • @CappedbyCata - Wes of Capped By Cata - My Auction House Junkies Co-Host.
  • @R9sid9nt9vil - R9sid9nt9vil of Eviscerated, Rep Grind Radio
  • @NevAHAddict - Nev of AH Addict and The Power Word: Gold Podcast
  • @GeorgeWoW - George of The Mana Cooler Podcast
  • @HearthcastRewt - Rewt from the Hearthcast Podcast
  • @WarcraftEcon - Warcraft Econ
  • @ElsAnglin - Fishing Goodness Extraordinaire from El's Anglin'
So there are 9 great bloggers and podcaster Twitter accounts to make your first 9 Twitter follows.  From there you can pick and choose and tweek your preferences for you else to follow on Twitter.  And remember, regardless of how many follows you yourself have, a tweeting or re-tweeting a blog post always is a big help to the author and the original site.

See ya on Twitter!


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  1. Twitter is amazing for gold stuff and a must ahve for any gamers interested in news, gold tips or just general chatting about wow.

    Although my blogs a lil quiet at the moment, feel free to hit me up on twitter for gold related chat :D

    im also usually very good with addons for any non-gold stuff :D


    Gimp :D


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