Thursday, July 21, 2011

Patch 4.2 WoW Embersilk Cloth Farming Spot

Solar Core Embersilk Farming
Farming Embersilk Cloth With The Shadow Wardens Daily Quests

While completing my daily quests for the Shadow Wardens, I stumbled upon an awesome location for farming the Cataclysm cloth tailoring material - Embersilk Cloth.  How awesome?  So many corpses I couldn't loot them all between respawns awesome!  Tell me now!  Where?  Where?

The Solar Core

This awesome Embersilk Cloth farming spot is located at the solar core within the Widow's Clutch in the Molten Front.  The solar core is the target of the Shadow Wardens daily quest Solar Core Destruction.  The solar core is located in the Northern area of the Widow's Clutch past the spiders and the rocky outcroppings holding the spiderweb cocoons.  It is easy to find the solar core.  Just look for the glowing orb surrounded by flame channeling Druids of the Flame (as seen in the above image).

Druids of the Flame

Our Embersilk Cloth farming targets are the Druids of The Flame that surround the solar core.  There are 4 Druids of the Flame respawn locations directly around the solar core.  These 4 flame channeling Druids of the Flame are packed close together and respawn rather quickly.  According to Wowhead, these Druids of the Flame at the Widow's Clutch have almost a 50% chance to drop 1-4 Embersilk Cloth when killed and looted.  Rogues are also able to pickpocket for Flame Scarred Junkboxes and Rogue's Draughts as these mobs are considered humanoids.  A near 50% drop rate is amazing on it's own, but the drops are stack sizes of 1-4.  A tailor farming here would be able to get even more cloth with the Cloth Scavenging bonus from the Tailoring Profession. 

Solar Core Destruction

What makes this spot so awesome is not only the awesome drop rates and the quick respawn time, but the Solar Core Destruction quest itself.  All you have to do to complete this easy Shadowlands Daily quest is run past all of the druids surrounding the solar core and click on the solar core orb.  It takes just a few seconds to finish the action of destroying the core.  As soon as you blow up the solar core, you are instantly blasted into the air and you land on top of one of the rocky outcroppings in the Widow's Clutch.  This breaks combat with all of the Druids of the Flame that were chasing you on your way to the solar core.  You are free to then jump down and return to camp to turn in your Shadow Wards quest and collect your Marks of the World Tree. 

Here's the awesome part.  Many players already know that they can just aggro any number of druids and run right up to the solar core, destroy it, and then get blasted to safety.  When farming for the Embersilk Cloth off of the Druids of the Flame, you can set up camp right near the solar core orb itself.  Then you can proceed to kill the 4 channeling Druids of the Flame.  As players on the Solar Core Destruction quest coming running up to you, they will have a train of Druids following them that you can quickly attack to get aggro.  So you have an ideal farming spot where there are 4 closely packed druids and druids wandering around the perimeter.  Combined with all of the free trains of Druid mobs coming at you from the other kiting players and you have an amazingly awesome spot for easy Embersilk Cloth farming.

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Anyone found any more new ways to farm the new daily quest hub content?

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  1. Awesome, im going to check this out. Thank you for the tip.

  2. I farm 500 silk an hour farming far easier mobs... Placing dots on the Horde vs Alliance mobs in Tol Barad that are fighting one another and which are already down to 17k health normally. Pretty sure you have to have the cloth scavenging ability plus the treasure finding potion buff on you. 500 ailk / 100 bolts an hour. No lie. I do it often, whenever I need to boost my funds or to keep up with the weekly dreamcloth cooldowns.

  3. I killed 20 and got 5 cloth. That doesn't deserve the awesome designation in my book.

  4. Unfortunately, this spot was nerfed a few weeks after the patch. The drop rates tanked, even for a tailor.

    Southern Deepholme is still a great spot though!


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