Sunday, July 3, 2011

Recap of Popular June Gold Making Posts

Welcome Back!

Welcome to all of my new and returning readers! Each month I do a recap of the month before and highlight 10 gold posts or gold guides that appeared during the previous month. I highlight the top 5 most popular and the 5 with the most comments / best discussion.  Patch 4.2 is currently live on the World of Warcraft servers.  Overall site traffic is climbing higher than ever as there are many players looking for gold tips and more Patch 4.2 gold guides and strategies.

WoW Gold Post And Guides Recap

Top 5 Most Popular Posts From June
Top 5 Most Discussed Posts From June
Ideal Alts Series For Gold Makers

June also saw the release of a full series on Ideal Alts.  This entire series was both well received and discussed. 

Ideal Alts Series
 The Gold Blogging Carnival here at Cold's Gold Factory is coming soon.  The topic is "Create Your Own Ideal Alt."  If you don't have a blog and would like to participate in the blogging carnival, you can send me a guest post on the same topic and I will host your article at Goldgrub's Goblin Academy.  Bloggers, get your carnival entries in to reserve your top spot on the list of entries (First come, First listed).
MFC Mastery Holiday Sale Ending Soon
The Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery WoW gold making guide holiday blowout sale will end soon (Midnight after 4th of July).  Now is a great time to save $5 off of the $11 MFC gold guide.
At Checkout, Enter Code: firecracker
To save $5 off the purchase price.  Get your guide for a total of $6 during this holiday blowout sale.
That is a 46% savings off of the regular price!  After this holiday weekend, the price returns to $11.  Get your copy now because the price will never be this low again.
It is also a great time to sign up to become an affiliate for the MFC Mastery guide.  Earn some cash by referring this awesome guide to your friends, guild members, or readers.  I pay 40% of the sale total (which is a 50/50 split after fees are deducted) when you refer a buyer.


  1. Running out of stuff to post here at the blog eh Cold?

    Kind of sad to see a decent blog going down the drain.

    - Fred

  2. @Mageshadow

    Running out of stuff to post? Nope. I do a monthly recap every month. It's great for driving traffic to some of the better posts of the month, is great for helping new readers find a few more great reads, and as well as helping with SEO and page rank.

    If you need some pointers, feel free to ask.


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