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Druids of The Talon Daily Quests Farming

Druids Of The Talon Quests
The Druids of The Talon Chain

You will choose either Druids of The Talon or Shadow Wardens, which will lock you into your second phase of the Firelands Invasion daily quests in the Molten Front.  When you unlock the Druids of the Talon quest chains, you are in for a completely different experience than compared to the Shadow Wardens daily quests.  While the Shadow Wardens will have you killing Cinderweb Spiders and Druids of the Flame, the Druids of The Talon daily quest hub leads you into the battle against Elementals and the Flamewakers. 

The Flamewakers

The Flamewaker minions are considered Humanoids and have a hefty 52% chance to drop 1-4 Embersilk Cloth.  The Druids of the Talon Firelands daily quest chain will have you fighting Flamewaker Sentinals, Flamewaker Shaman, and Flamewaker Hunters.  All 3 of these Flamewaker mobs can be pickpocketted for a chance at Flame-Scarred Junkboxes.  So these would be prime targets for farming Embersilk Cloth, especially if you are a Tailor or a Rogue.  The Rogue could benefit from the pickpocket ability and the Flame Scarred Junkboxes.  The Tailor would benefit from the Cloth Scavenging Tailoring profession bonus.  The underground caves where the quests lead you are an excellent spot for farming Embersilk Cloth.  Bonus points for a Tailoring Rogue.  The spawn rate is very fast at the current time, so many kills can be piled up quickly.  Even if you are just here for the Druids of the Talon daily quests, you can collect a decent amount of Embersilk Cloth.

The Elementals

The Obsidium Punishers are another nice farming option for a Mining character.  Maybe one of your Ideal Alts has the Mining gathering profession and is working on his Firelands Invasion daily quests.  This is a great spot to farm up some Volatile Earth.  Any Obsidium Punisher gives a 15% chance of containing 1-3 Volatile Earths on its corpse.  You will fight a bunch of these on your way up the mountain to take the temperatures of the lava pools and kill Firehawks for the Druids of The Talon daily quests. 

These Obsidium Punishers are stone Elementals are their corpses can be mined by a Miner.  When mined, they have a 9% chance to award 1-3 Volatile Earths and a 5% chance to award 1-7 Elementium Ore.  Why are Obsidium Punishers crumbling into Elementium Ore?  Even though the Druids of The Talon daily quests may require the killing of 5 Firehawks, they are duds other than for the quest.  They drop nothing worthwhile, just grey vendor trash.

Just like the Land of Free Volatile Earth in Mt. Hyjal, this is another area in World of Warcraft where you may just happen upon a ton of corpses from other players completing the Druids of the Talon daily quests.  Often times there may be no other miner around and these free corpses will be yours for the taking.  Another bonus is that these mobs also count for the Jewelcrafting Daily quest to slay Elementals.

I've already discussed how to maximize the Firelands Starting Daily Quests.  Make sure to use both helpful guides in order to be fully efficient. 

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  1. Very nice tip I get a stack a day just from the flamewalkers.


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