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Maximizing Your Firelands Daily Quests

Firelands Dailies In The Molten Front

Have you been preparing to profit from the unlockable vendors added with the Firelands Patch 4.2?  We had prepared our profession crafters and got them ready to race for Patch 4.2 and the new recipes for Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking, and Tailoring.  Then the Firelands Patch 4.2 dropped and the race to reach those recipes faster than our competition had began.  That race currently continues as players are collecting their Marks of the World Tree and preparing for their first choice of unlocking Druids of The Talon or Shadow Wardens.

Maximizing Your Choices

The new Firelands daily quests require daily attention and we are forced to spend some of our playtime on collecting the Marks of the World Tree.  If we are racing with multiple profession crafting alts, then the time commitment can get hefty, even with the best and fastest route to completion.  Since we will be repeating the same general groups of quests over and over, it is a wise idea to look at what options are the most profitable. 

You may have noticed that you have collected a few Volatiles while completing your daily quests for the Firelands.  The direct choices that you make in picking your targetted quest mobs will affect how many Volatiles you can recieve each day while doing your daily quests.  So why not choose the best options each and every time, since we have to do this same quests over and over?  I decided to dig a little deeper and loot at drop rates for the various mobs that can be chosen to complete a couple of the Firelands quests.

Hostile Elements
The quest Hostile Elements in the Molten Front is one of the Firelands daily quests that does not rotate.  This quest is available every day, but the choices you make can limit your potential earnings while fulfilling the quest requirements.  Hostile Elements requires you to kill 8 Charred Combatants, which can be either Charred Vanquishers or Charred Soldiers. 

Charred Vanquishers or Charred Soldiers?
Charred Vanquishers have a chance to drop 1-3 Volatile Fire when killed. shows the drop rate as a 27% chance per kill to award 1-3 Volatile Fire, while the loot table for Charred Soldier shows only grey items.  Captain Obvious says, "Don't waste time and effort killing Charred Soldiers, only kill Charred Vanquishers, so you can collect Volatile Fires.

Hostile Elements Quest Kill Options
Take Away
Ok, so this may be a simple tip, but did you research the options yourself?  Or have you been wandering around willy-nilly killing whatever you can to be done and get your Firelands daily quests over with?  The real point to take away from this is that you should develop an inquisitive mindset.  You should research your options to best maximize your earnings potentials.  That is what making gold and being efficient is all about - maximing your options and getting the most profit for the least amount of work.  Hey that's also the Generation X motive (I'm an Xer too)!

Mine My Corpse For Free Loots

Molten Behemoths and Free Volatile Earth

Another easy source of sellable crafting materials comes from the Molten Behemoths.  These mobs are in the surrounding areas and on specific dailies when their quest is one of the random daily quests even more are swarming the base in the Molten Front.  They only have grey items on their loot tables, but the real bonus comes from mining these giant corpses. shows their loot table from mining the corpse to have a 19% chance to gather 2-3 Volatile Earths and a 9% chance to collect 1-5 Elementium Ores.  Just like the Land of Free Volatile Earths, you can scavenge the area where these are killed and collect free Volatile Earths and Elementium Ores with your miner.  This is especially easy on the days that the Molten Behemoths are multiplied due to their daily quest triggered as one of the Firelands dailies.


  1. Regarding Vanquishers vs Soldiers, Vanquishers also drop the Elemental Goo for the JC daily while Soldiers do not.

  2. I would like to point out that corehounds are a great choice for skinners when working on any "Invaders of the Firelands" quest in Hyjal. When I do these quests on my druid I always head to the Grove of Aessina and kill hounds. Not only can you score some leather from the ones you kill, but on Bear Tossing day you can often get dead hounds that other folks have killed. I'm actually ticked off at Blizzard for removing leather from the mobs at the Molten Frost. On the PTR I was skinning tons of mobs (charhounds, naga, etc) and making out like a bandit with corpses.

    Great tips and thanks for the heads-up on those volatile fire drop rates! I try to focus on the fiery mobs with my Blacksmith and now I know that the Vanquishers are the better score :)


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