Thursday, July 7, 2011

Looking For World of Warcraft Guides To Review

Call For World of Warcraft Guides

I am looking for authors of Gold Making WoW Guides and World of Warcraft Leveling Guides.  Please contact me, if you would like to have your guide reviewed either here at Cold's Gold Factory or over at the hot new WoW starter site, Goldgrub's Goblin Academy.

Submit your guide or mini-guide to me at SSmith0911 (at) live (dot) com for review.

Why would you want me to review your guide?
  • 3000+ page views a day
  • 420+ opt-in newsletter reader mailings per day
  • Google Page Rank 3
  • Some of the best readers around the gold blogosphere
  • Goldgrub's targets new players and a fresh audience
What are you waiting for?  Send those guides in and I will help promote the ones that I feel are worth the price based on the given information.

Anyone have any favorite guides that they definately would recommend to others?

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  1. Kynalla here, I use 20k Leveling for my youtube videos and have seen success with it so far. Try that maybe?


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