Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nightmare Tears & Prismatic Sockets in WoW Patch 4.2

"It's not new, but the Nightmare Tear (prismatic gem) is selling like hotcakes to all the higher levels that are getting new gear with prismatic sockets and don't know that you can put any gem into them... Easy 450-550g a pop for these on my Horde server (<250g each on the Alliance side). Been selling 2-5 a day. Yes, each one requires a dragon's eye, but I've been able to buy them fairly cheap (<150g each most of the time) so far and actually those prices are falling after a brief spike over 200g."  - Matthew
Nightmare Tear

Good ol' Nightmare Tear.  You remember the Nightmare Tear prismatic cut from Wrath of the Lich King?  I've had a few reports submitted of people selling these like crazy since the release of World of Warcraft Patch 4.2.  There are no armor pieces dropping from the new content that include prismatic gem slots.  The wave of gear from new content always leads to more gem sales and players are looking for a gem to slot into the sockets of their new armor pieces.  Blacksmiths can create prismatic (or uncolored) sockets for 2 of their pieces of gear and the Blacksmith crafted Ebonsteel Belt Buckles also create a prismatic socket when added to a belt item.

Prismatic Gem Sockets
Prismatic Gems can be placed in a red, blue, or yellow gem socket.  Foolish players believe that prismatic gems are the only option for filling prismatic sockets.  A wise player understands that a prismatic gem socket can hold any color gem.  Newsflash: You don't have to put a prismatic gem into a prismatic socket.  I believe players are getting pismatic gems and meta-gems confused.  A meta-gem has to be placed into a meta-gem slot, but a prismatic gem can be placed into any slot.  Only one prismatic gem can be used per WoW character, since they are unique.

Selling To The Foolish
The World of Warcraft player base as a whole tends to be uninformed and ignorant, as evidenced again by the rush of sales for old outdated prismatic gems for the new gear.  Be sure to take advantage of this unexpected rush before these foolish players are enlightened by their guild mates that know better. 

I have been consistently buying cheap priced Dragon's Eyes in order to sell Nightmare Tears.  I have previously been selling these to leveling characters and higher level twinks.  Since the Patch, this market has been welcoming more and more buyers.  Although these buyers are foolish players that probably don't know any better, I'll continue to take their gold.  If no one is supplying the Nightmare Tears on your server, then test out the market and see if there are foolish players waiting to line your pockets as well.  Other than buying the Dragon's Eyes from the auction house, another great source is from your Jewelcrafting profession since there is no cooldown on Icy Prism anymore.

Is your server also full of fools?


  1. I may have been a little off on my comment when I said "new gear with prismatic sockets" because I don't know if anything that's brand new has one... but it could very well be caused by the same situation as my Ret Pally. Here he was after 4.2, had his FL dailies completed, already did his 'market trading' for the day and there was still a bit more time to kill before calling it a night... so I queud up for a RD and about 10 minutes later, he completed it.. think it was Grim Batol. He's been wearing his Hyjal tabbord for awhile, ever since I started targetting 'pre-raid BiS' gear - and that night (2 nights ago), he completed exalted.

    Of course, if you have a DPS melee, you're probably familiar with Belt of the Ferocious Wolf so I went out and replaced my Elementium Girdle of Pain with it. Of course, as soon as I did that, I also got a new belt buckle. If you didn't see where I was going before, I'm pretty sure the light bulb just lit up. Yep... brand new prismatic slot. Of course, I put in one of my own Nightmare Tear...

    yea... right... I put in a Bold Inferno Ruby... ;-) I may sell these to people willing to pay me gold for inferior gems (and if I didn't, someone else would get their gold for the same gem), but I'm certainly not going to make that same mistake myself. lol

  2. What I'm wondering is if they are buying Ebonsteel Belt Buckle or are they just buying the WotLK buckles since that is all you need if your plan is to stick the Nightmare Tear inside it.

  3. I'll look over some of my past customers later this evening and post the results (withholding the names of course to protect the dumb... errr... foolish).

  4. @Matthew

    You can submit it to my email as a guest post / reader sumbission if you would like. Interested in the results.

  5. Figured it out. It's the new Epic Relics available off of the vendors. They have a Prismatic Socket on them. I bet that is where the Nightmare's Tear spike has been coming from.

  6. This is actually turning into a great market on several PvP servers that have Lvl. 70 twink arena guilds. My server particularly always has a strong demand for Wrath epic gems and Nightmare Tears. However, I always end up seeing more Nightmare Tears on freshly minted 85 hunters than I do on twinked-out 70s. >.<

    Either way it's a great market depending on supply of Dragon's Eyes.


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