Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patch 4.2 Gold Making Checklist

Patch 4.2 Gold Tips

Patch 4.2 has been on the live World of Warcraft servers for a week now.  There are many great opportunities for turning a profit from the changes and additions from WoW Patch 4.2.  Today I present to you a checklist of some of the new additions and things to focus on or to learn to make sure you are aware and able to profit from the new opportunities presented with the release of Patch 4.2.

Patch 4.2 Checklist
  • ScribesDo 1 Northrend Inscription Research to learn the new Glyph of Unleashed Lightning.  As a gold maker, you can sell Snowfall Inks for high prices as all Scribes will need at least one to learn the new Glyph of Unleashed Lightning.  I sell my Snowfall Inks for 35 gold each.
  • Scribes - Visit your Inscription profession trainer and learn the 3 new PvP Relic recipes:  Bloodthirsty Charm of Triumph, Bloodthirsty Eyeball of Dominance, & Bloodthristy Jawbone of Conquest.  These are all 3 great new Relics to sell with the ending of the PvP arena season and the new arena season starting soon.  You can also sell the Eyeballs, Jawbones, and Silver Charm Bracelets for crazy inflated prices as the Inscription vendor bought items where the only items spared during the nerf to Twilight Highlands vendors.
  • Jewelcrafters - Visit Your Jewelcrafting profession trainer and learn the 6 new pieces of PvP jewelry (rings & neckpieces).  I myself haven't tried selling these just yet, but I do know that they are options for using up some of those excess rare gems that you have left from all the shuffling.
  • Companion Pets - New companion pets achievement awards have been added for the new pet achievements that were added in Patch 4.1.  Pet sales have been up since Patch 4.1 and the addition of the new rewards will surely keep the sales of pets moving.  Be sure to grab your free and easy Faction Balloon companion pet also.
  • Blacksmiths - Obsidium Skeleton Keys are now only useable by Blacksmiths.  Be sure to send any of the unsold skeleton keys on your auctioneers back to your Blacksmith as the Obsidium Skeleton Keys now require Blacksmithing skill to use.  Was a great gold maker while it lasted.
  • Cloak Enchants - Thrall's quest chain in Mount Hyjal rewards an epic ilvl 365 cloak.  Many players are upgrading to the ilvl 365 epic cloak and cloak enchants are selling like mad right now and will continue as players deck their lvl 85 alts in this easy to obtain epic cloak.
  • Gems and Enchants - New content and new craftables bring new upgrade purchases.  Top 2 sellers on most servers right now are enchants and gems for all of the new gear.  Inferno Rubies continue to be the bread and butter of most sales, but don't forget other markets, especially PvP oriented gems like +Spell Pen and +Resilience.  Inferno Ruby stocks are hopefully drying up on your server, which can allow for extra profits when you choose to sell your Inferno Ruby cuts.
  • New PvP Gear - The old craftable PvP gear recipes have been upgraded.  No need to go learn the new recipes.  If you already knew them, then check your recipe books.  The recipes have been upgraded and increased in item level.  Time to get back to selling that PvP gear!
  • New Daily Quest Hubs - Start grinding those dailies to save up your Marks of the World Tree.  All of the new vendors are hidded behind phasing, which requires you to unlock the areas one at a time.  In order to get the new craftable recipes from the Avengers of Hyjal faction, you must get started on the quest chain and get to unlocking more quest hubs.  Lots of dailies and marks to collect - Handle it!
Is there anything else that I've missed here on this checklist?  Feel free to add it in the comments, if you can recall an area I've overlooked.


  1. I've been getting over 600 g+ for the new PVP rings, just need more mats!

  2. Last time I looked, the new pvp rings were around the 300g mark but as there was some competition, I didn't make any anyway! I went for the PVP Relics - sold 2 for around 1400g so far & minimal competition but very slow for now. I'm hoping the new season will boost sales a little.

  3. It's not new, but the Nightmare Tear (prismatic gem) is selling like hotcakes to all the higher levels that are getting new gear with prismatic sockets and don't know that you can put any gem into them... Easy 450-550g a pop for these on my Horde server (<250g each on the Alliance side). Been selling 2-5 a day. Yes, each one requires a dragon's eye, but I've been able to buy them fairly cheap (<150g each most of the time) so far and actually those prices are falling after a brief spike over 200g.


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