Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So Many Firelands Dailies, So Little Quest Time

Firelands Daily Quest Grinding

The wait for the Firelands Patch and the inclusion of the new daily quests in Patch 4.2 stirred up much anticipation.  I had been grinding those last few levels on my main crafters.  I had leveled a 5th character to maximum level and had my main and 4 alt characters ready to race for the new craftable patterns.  I started out with my main character, Colddrawn the Engineer, who was racing for the new Engineering patterns added in Patch 4.2.  By the time I started advancing my second racer, my Blacksmith, I had already figured out how to maximize the Firelands Invasion daily quests.  I had huge plans on advancing both my Tailors and my Leatherworker as well, but I ran into a rut.  I just don't have the time to run all of these dailies with all of my alts.  Why is Blizzard making it so much harder for those of use with armies of crafting alts?

Currently my main is the only one completing the quests every day.  I am so busy with work and my blogging projects, that I often get to log in to do my dailies on my main and then I'm logging off.  Luckily I haven't missed but the very first day of the Patch 4.2 quests, so I'm not far behind at all with my Engineer.  I am looking forward to the end of summer when I will not be stuck working 50+ hours a week covering vacations and late night shifts.  And by the end of summer the school kids will be returning to class and the markets will be much calmer.  Hell, I'm not even posting hardly anything on the auction house these past couple of weeks, where my work hours ended up over 60+ for a single week.

What I am doing is stockpiling Dream Emeralds.

Anyone want to figure out why I am stockpiling those crappy rare green Cata gems?


  1. Because you are mad?

    Because you have some secret inside info?

    Seriously though apart from the engineering scopes and cutting some gems I can't see why you would so I give up - why?


  2. Well, since you're engineer, I would say for the flintlock woodchucker and the gnomish scope. Reaching further, maybe even the Rhinestone Sunglasses if they ever come around.

  3. When I saw another player bulk-producing 100s of these, alarm bells went off in my head. One market I won't be touching, even worse than the truegold slump, surely?

  4. Since the new scope requires 2 Dream Emerald each and every freaking hunter (mains, alts, everyone) will need these, I'd say... calculate 1 hunter for each 5 players. That's a metric shitton of scopes.

  5. Stockpiling them is not a bad idea, mainly because there's not that many of them currently. I've been vendoring them mostly too.

    However half of the hunters don't even know about this new scope, yet alone want to spend gold on it if it costs more than 100g, so there will be more scopes for sale than there are hunters that will buy one. Can expect some heavy undercutting among engineers.

    Or so I think. :)


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