Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WoW Patch 4.2 Tanked Volatiles Fire And Earth

The Crash of Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth

Since the release of World of Warcraft Patch 4.2, the auction house markets for both Volatile Earth and Volatile Fire have been in steady decline.  The introduction of the new Firelands Invasion daily quests has created a massive influx of both Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth.  Both of these Volatiles are easily obtained during The Firelands Invasion Starting DailiesThe Druids of the Talon daily quests during phase 2 or 3 are an easy source of Volatile Earth, especially for any mining characters. 

The daily grind that is required of every character wishing to unlock all of the content and vendors last for around 30 days.  This means there will continue to be a constant influx of both Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth as players unlock the new areas and also continue to repeat the quests over and over to complete the new acheivements.  Right now is a buyers market for both Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth.  The price will be down for a while as some players haven't even started their Firelands Invasion daily quests yet.  And many of us still have alt characters that are going to be returning to that same content.  Expect the influx of these Volatiles to continue as the vendor race continues.

Did You Stockpile Volatiles?
I hope you didn't stockpile Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth prior to Patch 4.2.  It could take a while for the prices to rebound.  And I doubt if we will see Volatile Fire reach its over 30g price again this expansion.  That is unless Blizzard plays around with some of the drop rates.  With the drop in prices of both the Volatile Fire and the Volatile Earth, you may consider adding more Dreamcloth options to your Dreamcloth crafting.  Both of the Volatile Earth and Volatile Fire prices are comparable, if not cheaper than Volatile Life currently is on my server.  This drop in price is also another reason to make sure to have your Living Elements transmuting Alchemist parked in Uldum where the Volatile Air is guaranteed from the transmute.

Anyone Get Burnt Stockpiling Volatile Earth Or Volatile Fire? 
If So, What's Your Exit Strategy?

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  1. Yes I stockpiled v fire (about 1200 or so). My exit strat would be to use them for either dreamcloth or to make the new BS weapons once I get access to the recipes. I originally bought all of the v fires to sell back because I thought the recipes would be available right away and the crafters would be racing to make new gear. What a mistake! haha oh well.

  2. Prices are the same on my server, and its easier to buy these in bulk in trade. Since I use both, for PvP sets and belt buckeles/hardened ele bars, it has helped me, if nothing else. Any excess fire, if pvp sets stop selling can just be used for truegold xmute. I only have around 400'ish left, so no big rush to dump them.

  3. The only thing I stocked up are +1000 Heavenly Shards bought at ~14g/piece (now selling at +80g) - on which I made a comment on jmtc few months before 4.2, and +15k Elementium ore bought from the chinese farmers, before the patch. I only kept a healthy amount of Volatile Life, but that's all. The rest seemed too...umm...volatile :D

  4. i bought 40 of each for the new boe LW boots... i still have them and am have been doing dailies... i've only gained about 6 extra fires and no extra earth... so it wasn't a total waste just a bad decision to buy them early... i have 1 living ember from FL boss and need 4 for the boots... i'll probably use the fire and earth i have saved up, sell the rest, and cut my losses :P

  5. I stockpiled earth and fire at 8-10g each. I resold a lot for 20g+ the first couple weeks of 4.2. Now the price is back down to 8-10g and looking like it might go even lower.

    The price of Eternal Belt Buckles is also way up and having a big stockpile of Earth allowed me to sell boatloads of them in the 300-500 range.

    I made plenty of gold off my pre 4.2 stockpiling of Earth and Fire and I'm buying both again now. I expect a modest rise in prices as people start unlocking the pattern vendors.

  6. Well, didn't stockpile either so lucky me I guess. However I do a lot of Pyrite prospecting so I am growing my Volatile Earth stash. As for an idea, which I recently used with some Volatile Earth, consider a donation to your Guild Bank (this is assuming you belong to a guild). A donation of 1000 or so goes a long way to increasing your 'rep' with them. An alternative to Uldum would be Vashir to get Volatile Water with those alchemists. Water can become more scarce than any other.

  7. Once living ember prices become affordable the price of fire will go back up, because most patterns will require 40 fires each. I'm not sure about earth, but I don't have that many stockpiled and they go quickly because of the new drakehide armor.

    The same thing happened to leather prices because of the spiders you can skin on the Shadow Warden dailies. But its really not that much leather in the grand scheme of things. To make just one of the new lw patterns you'll need to skin almost 350-400 spiders (counting for extra leather drops).

  8. I stockpiled quite a lot of all volatiles... what's interesting is that they have ALL tanked on my server.. not just earth/fire but also air/water (life stayed about the same).

    I'm wondering if there were any blogs out there that actually saw this coming and posted something? I didn't see anything - I had typically been following a particular blog which lately has gotten really crappy - this one is much better - that had many posts suggesting stockpiling volatiles ahead of 4.2. Hindsight is 20/20 obviously and it's all speculation but still a bit disappointing.

  9. I ended up with a small stockpile of volatile fire in my attempt to maintain the price of the volatiles. I've since lowered my purchase price, and I use them for the crafted leatherworking pvp gear.

    For volatile earth, there should soon be an increased demand for hardened elementium bars, as blacksmiths get the new recipes.

  10. @Anon
    Hang Tight - The value should rise soon as the demand increases as players start to get the new crafting recipes after unlocking the firelands invasion vendors.

    I didn't recommend stockpiling any volatiles other than to use for truegold transmutes. I had a feeling there would be easy Volatile Fire coming since it's the plane of fire invading us. Common sense speculation would hint at extra Volatile Fires, but the influx is much bigger than I figured it would be.

    Thanks for the comments about the site. A lot of other sites have dropped their posting number down and many others have quit completely. I am still here and will be continuing to provide quality tips and ideas on a daily basis.

    Thanks for the support - Everyone!

  11. PS: Be sure to check tommorrow's post on how to profit from all these cheap volatile earths and volatile fires.

  12. Lifedream of Black DragonflightJuly 20, 2011 at 9:28 AM

    Hi guys,

    I stockpiled thousands of Volatiles, about 7-8 thousand each of Air, Earth, Fire & Water. I stockpiled about 2,000 Life. On my server, Air (18 Gold) and Life (7 gold) have remained constant/flat since 4.2. Fire and Earth are both down. Earth a little, 2-3 gold each (12 => 9.5) and Fire is down about 4 gold each (12 => 8). Water, however is up a lot about, 8-9 gold each (13 => 20). Water was up 4-5 but it spiked up another 3-4 over the last week. I am making a very nice profit on Water. I don't have an exit strategy. I just watch the cycles (all of these have up and down cycles) and I try (naturally) to sell when they are highest. It's slow work. I am hopeful that my Water profits will balance my Earth/Fire losses. I think they will. I am still hopeful that we will get a nice Fire price increase over the next 2-3 weeks. Also helping me is I do a lot of cross-faction trading. Life consistantly sells at higher prices on the Horde side and luckily for me, I bought most of my Life's on the Alliance side. So, I am helped by sending a lot of my Life over and selling it on the Horde side. So, even though Life has been flat, I am making a profit by shipping it over to the Horde side. I do this with some of the other volitiles as, not just Life.

    One thing really hurting me is leather. Pristine Hides are down 100 Gold (400 = > 300), Heavy Savage Leather is down 10 Gold (40 => 30)each, and Savage Leather is down 2-3 Gold (6 => 3.5). Again, I am hoping for a price jump for these over the next 2-3 weeks.

    Keep your hand on your coinpurse,

    Lifedream of Black Dragonflight

  13. I stockpiled all volatiles and have mostly used Fire/Earth for leg armor - the others were mainly for truegold and pvp crafting. This past week I bought out all of the Earth on the server at around 10g and have seen the price triple (30ish, sometimes more).

    Since belt buckles are going up and down between 500-700g+ (and leg armor tanked at 700g then shot up to 1600g - how, I don't know! Thanks competitors!) I haven't relisted much of my hoard, the shortage of Elementium Ore on the server means until more bots appear it might be worth hanging onto for a little while longer.

  14. I still have about 600 volatile earth and 100 volatile fire left from my stockpile. Price for volatile life has stayed pretty much the same on my server at around 8g. Volatile water went up to about 15-20g. Volatile fire tanked from 10g to 5g. Surprisingly, the biggest dip came from volatile earth. It went from about 13-15g to just over 3g this week. I'm hoping that the price will rebound soon. I noticed that prices for a lot of crafted goods also went down. For example, hardened elementium used to sell for over 100g. With the cheap volatile earth flooding the market, it now sells for only 50g each.


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