Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Benefits of Creating Alts In WoW

Alt Characters Can Fill The Missing Link

World of Warcraft Alternate Characters

It is pretty common knowledge that I am a strong proponent for creating 10 characters on your server.  By leveling and advancing all 10 of your alts into farmers and profession crafters (and not just banking toons for storage), you can greatly benefit and expand your abilities to make gold.  If you need some ideas for what roles your alts can fulfill, be sure to check out my previous series on Ideal Alts for some nice template ideas.  Here are some of the major benefits of creating and leveling alt characters in WoW. 

The Benefits of Alternate Characters

  • Allow For Covering Every Possible WoW Profession
  • Ability to Weather Price Crashes With Diversity
  • Ability to Profit From Most Price Spikes With Flexibility
  • Potential to Craft Almost Everything Yourself at Materials Costs
  • Knowledge of Multiple Professions, Classes, and Races
  • If You Understand Different Characters and How They Work, You Will Better Understand What to Sell For These Other Character Types
  • Creating Specialized Farming Characters For Maximum Efficiency
  • Tons of Extra Storage Space
  • Working on Earning Guild Experience With Multiple Characters
  • A Greater More Broad World of Warcraft Gameplay Experience
  • Helps Prevent Character Burn-Out
  • Ability to Have Multiple Personalities and Playstyles
  • Options to Take Advantage of Each and Every Patch or Game Change That Proves Profitable
  • Potential to Never Pay a Tip or Crafting Fee Again
  • Able to Have Multiple Characters With Duplicate Professions For Extra Daily / Weekly Cooldowns
  • Ability to Play Characters On Both Horde and Alliance Factions
These are just some of the many benefits of creating an army of alts to level and nurture into full fledged independant farmers and crafters.  If you only have a character or two, then I strongly suggest you level a new character the next time you get bored with your current roster.  Just make sure to think ahead and plan out future alts and compare them with your current roster.  You don't want to waste time or gold on a character or their professions, so make sure to plan ahead and leave space for some of those perfect alt combinations for future creation.

What Are Some Of The Benefits That I Missed?

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  1. I would agree that it's a good idea to try to get access to all professions, as it reduces time and energy when trying to craft something. Especially when you're trying to do any type of shuffling, which can require up to 4 professions just by itsself.

    I'm new to gold making, and this looks to be like a pretty good site. THANKS : D

    By the way, this is a little offtopic (actually alot off topic lol) but do you play call of duty? I'm new to gold making, and this looks to be like a pretty good site.


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