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Companion Pets Into Rare Battle Pets | A Breakdown Of Their Sources

Full List Of Which Pets Will Become Rare Battle Pets In MoP
WoW Companion Pets Turning To Rare Battle Pets
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Companion Pets Turning To Rare Battle Pets

Companion pets are converting to battle pets in Mists of Pandaria.  Some pets will become rare battle pets and will be blue in color.  These are the main pets to focus on collecting and stockpiling for Mists of Pandaria.  As I discussed in yesterday's post on liquidating your holiday pets, rare pets will have more stats and will be more powerful.  This will create more demand for the rare pets as they simply are just better stat wise and level faster than non-rare pets.

Many of the current companion pets that are becoming rare battle pets are very hard to obtain.  Many of them require cash for their purchase or are awarded from hard achievements, token grinds, or very rare world drops within the World of Warcraft.  Let's dig deeper into the list of companion pets turning rare and find their sources.

Identifying The Sources For The 90 Rare Converting Pets

5 Are Obtained From Archaeology

  1. Clockwork Gnome
  2. Crawling Claw
  3. Fossilized Hatchling
  4. Pterrodax Hatchling
  5. Voodoo Figurine
Looking for a reason to resume leveling up your Archaeology profession?  Well, here's five reasons and account wide mounts are also coming in MoP, so you can get that Fossilized Raptor mount for all your characters too.

7 Come From Fishing
  1. Chuck - (Outlands Fishing Dailies)
  2. Muckbreath - (Outlands Fishing Dailies)
  3. Snarly - (Outlands Fishing Dailies)
  4. Toothy - (Outlands Fishing Dailies)
  5. Strand Crawler (Northrend, Orgrimmar, & Stormwind Dailies)
  6. Giant Sewer Rat (Fished Up In Dalaran Underbelly)
  7. Magical Crawdad (Wish Granted From Mr. Pinchy)
I plan to level the Magical Crawdad From Mister Pinchy first and foremost as my main battle pet, since he has always been my favorite companion pet and he made the rare pet conversion list.

1 Is Obtained While Mining
  1. Elementium Geode (Elem. & Rich Elem. Veins in Twilight Highlands, Deepholme, & Uldum)
The Geode is BoE and can be picked up off the auction house.  I've been stocking them away for a while now myself.

7 Are Achievement Awards From Collecting Pets
  1. Stinker (50 Pets - Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart)
  2. Little Fawn (75 Pets - Lil' Game Hunter)
  3. Nuts (100 Pets - Petting Zoo)
  4. Brilliant Kaliri (125 Pets - Menagerie)
  5. Celestial Dragon (150 Pets - Littlest Pet Shop)
  6. Feral Vermling (Capture 250 Battle Pets - Master Pet Hunter) MoP
  7. Jade Tentacle (Earn 300 Battle Pet Ach. Points - Time To Open A Pet Store) MoP
Running out of bank space to store all the pets you've collected?  Just go ahead and learn them on an alt and try to get extras of these collector achievements on multiple characters.  They will save you storage space, you will get them refunded back to you, and you may just pick up an extra skunk, fawn, or squirrel to sell come Mists of Pandaria.

11 Are Purchased From The Blizzard Store

  1. Wind Rider Cub - $24.99
  2. Gryphon Hatchling - $24.99
  3. Guardian Cub - $10
  4. Cenarian Hatchling - $10
  5. Lil' KT - $10
  6. Lil' Ragnaros - $10
  7. Lil' XT - $10
  8. Moonkin Hatchling - $10
  9. Pandaren Monk - $10
  10. Soul of the Aspects - $10
  11. Core Hound Pup - $6.50
Blizzard controls the price on these, but don't forget that you can use your Diablo 3 RMAH earnings to purchase these.  ("Maybe in the future" they will allow Battle net balance purchases.) Guardian Cub is still BoE and can also be picked off of the auction house.

8 Come From Collector's Editions

  1. Panda Cub (World of Warcraft CE)
  2. Netherwhelp (Burning Crusade CE)
  3. Lurky (Burning Crusade CE) EU Only
  4. Frost (Wrath of the Lich King CE)
  5. Lil' Deathwing (Cataclysm CE)
  6. Lucky Quilen Cub (Mists of Pandaria CE) MoP
  7. Mini-Thor (Starcraft II CE)
  8. Fetish Shaman (Diablo 3 CE)
Yet another reason that Collector's Editions may see a spike in demand.  Flipping Collector's Editions For Profit is something that some players do to use their goblin wisdom to turn a profit in the real world.

6 Are Purchased With Prize Tickets (90) At The Darkmoon Faire
  1. Darkmoon Balloon
  2. Darkmoon Cub
  3. Darkmoon Monkey
  4. Darkmoon Tonk
  5. Darkmoon Turtle
  6. Darkmoon Zeppelin
You've got just a couple more Darkmoon Faires to finish collecting tokens and get more pets before Mists of Pandaria will be here on September 25th, 2012.

6 Are From BlizzCon or Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals
  1. Murky (BlizzCon 2005)
  2. Lucky (Blizzard WWI 2007)
  3. Mini Tyrael (Blizzard WWI 2008)
  4. Grunty (BlizzCon 2009)
  5. Deathy (BlizzCon 2010)
  6. Murkablo (BlizzCon 2011)
Good luck finding these codes.  If you do, the prices have probably already gone up even higher with them making the rares list.

3 Are Gated Behind The Molten Front Dailies
  1. Crimson Lasher - (1200 gold)
  2. Hyjal Bear Cub - (1200 gold)
  3. Searing Scorchling -  (Zen'Vorka's Cache)
As if the grind to unlock the vendors wasn't enough torture, you can continue running the daily quests and buying the Cache in hopes of this rare pet being inside.

2 Are WoW Anniversary Rewards
  1. Baby Blizzard Bear (WoW 4th Anniversary)
  2. Onyxian Whelpling (WoW's 5th Anniversary)
If you don't already have them, you aren't getting them.

14 Are Rare Drops
  1. Azure Whelpling
  2. Crimson Whelpling
  3. Dark Whelpling
  4. EmeraldWhelpling
  5. Firefly
  6. Fox Kit
  7. Gundrak Hatchling
  8. Hyacinth Macaw
  9. Razzashi Hatchling
  10. Sprite Darter Hatchling
  11. Phoenix Hatchling
  12. Disgusting Oozeling
  13. Mr. Grubbs
  14. Tiny Shale Spider
These are some of the best ones on the list to look out for on the auction house as many of these are BoE.  Maybe you can grab some extras before others realize they are on the master rare battle pet list.  Here are a few tips to help farming for dragon whelplings.

6 Are From Various Miscellaneous Sources
  1. Kirin Tor Familiar - (Higher Learning Achievement)
  2. Murkimus the Gladiator - (Arena Tournament Participation)
  3. Dark Pheonix Hatchling - (Guild Reward For United Nations Achievement)
  4. Panther Cub - (Zul'Gurub Dungeon Quest Chain Reward)
  5. Pebble - (Therazane Dailies)
  6. Lumpy - (Grinch Killing Daily Present Drop During Feast of Winter's Veil)

  1. Bananas
  2. Dragonkite
  3. Ethereal Soul-Trader
  4. Eye of the Legion
  5. Gregarious Grell
  6. Hippogryph Hatchling
  7. Landro's Lichling
  8. Landro's Lil' XT
  9. Nightsaber Cub
  10. Purple Puffer
  11. Rocket Chicken
  12. Sand Scarab
  13. Spectral Tiger Cub
  14. Tuskarr Kite
The only way to get these loot codes is to play the loot code lottery by buying TCG packs or buying the codes from eBay, Amazon, or other retailers.  OR you could also get lucky and win a code from a giveaway or contest.

Be sure to check out the cheap prices on these loot code pets at Amazon.  Many are cheaper than the Blizzard Store pets!  I have a few of these I got from Amazon to give away later too.  I just gave away a Gregarious Grell on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast and a Purple Puffer here at Cold's Gold Factory.

There you have it folks.  The master companion list of pets turning into rare battle pets has been broken down to show you what the sources are for all of these pets.  Be sure to stock up on whatever you can find and don't forget that you can collect these on multiple characters and they will be mailed back to you once Mists of Pandaria launches in late Septemeber.

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  1. I've seen a couple of dark whelplings on the ah the last couple of days for ~3k which I have snapped up. Another has just been posted for around the same price. Just wondering if you knew why there are so many atm and what you think they'll sell for in mop.

    1. Players may be dumping to clear inventory space, unloading dragons since they aren't on the rare pet conversion list, or there may be more players leveling alts in the zones the dragons drop in.

      Price wise, I'd think you could get double what you paid rather easily in MoP, since dragons are pretty powerful accordingto what I've seen so far.

  2. Hi there cold, nice blog btw, im a true fellow reader (sorry for my english) thanks to you i have tons of gold, well one question i read that some pets will not be tradeable can u explain a little this i think that post from blizz refers to argent tournament pets? or what really means cause i have some stock from pets a little help ples thanks

    1. Thanks for your support!

      As far as I know the pets that won't be tradable are:

      Any pets that cost you money (blizz store / TCG pets / Blizzcon pets / Collector's Editions, Etc) and ones earned from quest rewards.

      The list is a work in progress, but you should be safe focusing on the BoE pets that are currently around, especially the ones that are on the Rare conversion lists that are BoE.

    2. thanks for the reply cold i have been farming Dark Whelpling in wetlands with a nice drop i think, 2 days 2 drops in like 1 hour ill send some screens how i farm but its posible that u know

      Thanks again

    3. I'm already done a quick basic post on Farming The Dragon Whelpling Pets, but I'd be interested in your screenshots and your tactics. Could always submit it as a guest post here or at


      Blue Post Released On Clarifications On PEt System

      This is a must read. Great news! More pets are being added to the RARE (blue) conversion list AND all WOW TCG Pets will be cageable / sellable (they were'nt previously).

  3. I was wondering if anyone may have some insight into a pet. I'm a avid pet hoarder and farmed 2 fox kits.. by pure mistake but needless to say I kept the other little guy in the rare chance her may no longer be soulbound.. do you guys think he will become tradable. Just looking for opinions I know not to expect an exact answer. :P I'm hoping this is the case, my guess is I could make a mint off him.

    1. The Fox Kits are being added to a vendor in Tol Barad in MoP (beta news is always subject to change, but I'm pretty sure this will go live).

      So even if he is cageable in MoP, the value won't be as high with him available on a vendor. So be sure to sell him ASAP before others figure out he's purchaseable.

  4. Thank you Scott! If this is in fact the case I will surely be selling him asap.

  5. What about Argent tournament COmpanions

  6. Not blue :(
    Not rare :(
    Still sellable though :)

  7. Hey, dude. This was exactly what I was looking for!
    Um, also I logged in the other day and my peddlefeet had 14 attack and speed.
    Is that, rare? I want to know cause he would be beast. But his up is like 90.

    1. Peddle feet isn't rare. None of the holiday pets are rare battle pets

  8. "Blizzard controls the price on these, but don't forget that you can use your Diablo 3 RMAH earnings to purchase these."

    check into it.. dont believe you can use your RMAH funds from D3 to buy any of the digital wow items like the pets and mounts...

  9. Just checked and you are correct- good catch.

    What a crock of shit though! D3 is even more useless.

    They said "maybe in the future."



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