Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mr. Pinchy and His Magical Crawdad Box

Magical Crawdad
El's Professions Contest Giveaway

El over at El's Professions (El's Extreme Anglin') is giving away a fishing card WoW TCG Loot Code.  Follow the link to read the rules.  I have decided to turn my entry into a full post to help El promote this contest.  The question she asks is:
What one catch are you most proud of, and why?  The catch must be gained by fishing in Azeroth (or Outland). It does not have to be rare – the catch can be special for personal reasons.
Mr. Pinchy - Contest Answer

My favorite catch is by far Mr. Pinchy!  Magical Crawdad is absolutely my most favorite vanity pet within World of Warcraft.  This little crustacean is as cool as cool can be!  He looks so good I just want to rip his little head off and suck all the juice out! 

My Luck With Rare Mounts And Pets

Why am I most proud of this cute little red guy?  Well, he's super rare for one.  I have heard horror stories of players fishing for him for over a year with no luck.  Well, for some reason I have been ridiculously lucky when it comes to acquiring rare vanity pets and rare dropped mounts.  You may remember last year when I got both the Swift Razzashi Raptor and the Swift Zulian Tiger from the same run.  Or you may recall me discussing how I got my Headless Horseman's Mount (back when it was uber-rare before the dungeon auto queues) as the 2nd time it dropped in the same instance group!  Or the X-53 Touring Rocket I got from buying in trade chat that turned out to be one of the very few legit transactions that wasn't a scam. 

Mr. Pinchy My Luckiest Catch

Well I truely believe that Mr. Pinchy started off this entire mount and pet lucky streak.  Many players had a hell of time fishing for Mr. Pinchy from the pools in Terrokar Forest.  Once you fish him up you aren't even guaranteed the pet.  He will grant you 3 wishes and getting the pet is the rarest of the options he will grant.  Well, truth be told, I got Mr. Pinchy out of my 3rd or 4th pool that I attempted granting me the  Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box Achievement and with my first wish he granted me Mr. Pinchy the vanity pet!  So Mr. Pinchy this one is for you!  You have truly been magical to me!  Thanks for all the great luck you have brought to me over the years.  Mr. Pinchy's luck also helped me to fish up Old Crafty within my first 20 casts in Ogrimmar.  Mr. Pinchy, I love you.

Mr. Pinchy - How To Get Yours

Mr. Pinchy the magical crawdad can only be fished up from pools of Highland Mixed Schools in Terrokar Forest, Outlands.  These pools are in lakes atop high plateaus and require a flying mount to even reach.  The chance to catch him is very rare and once caught he will grant you 3 wishes.  These wishes have a 2 day cooldown and once all 3 are used he is gone.  If you didn't get the pet, you will have to fish him up from another pool and hope one of the new wishes will grant you the pet.  Mr. Pinchy's wishes can grant you:
Make sure to stop by El's site and enter for your chance at the Fishing Chair loot code.

Mr. Pinchy
What is your favorite vanity pet?


  1. I would have to say Stinker the Skunk as being my very favorite of my non-combat pets.

    The reason for my love is that during our old Naxx-25 Man raids, there was always a lot of down time. I would pull out stinker & on of my friends would pull out their black cats & they would chase eachother around for our amusement.

    I'm a sucker for interactive non-combat pets. Too Few I say too few!

    <3 Fuu

  2. Well I fished up Mr Pinchy while grinding rep for Shatari Skygaurd...took me four days to catch him.

    I clicked on him and got Mr Pinchy's blessing. I have just waited a two whole days to use my second charge and again i just got Mr Pinchy's blessing ;(.

    Thank goodness for me i fished up another recently after about four casts so that gives me a total of four charges. (hope i get him)


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