Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lil' Ragnaros - The Critter Killing Cooking Fire

Lil' Raggy
Bishops was one of the 2 lucky winners of the Cold's Gold Factory Win A Pet Code Contest that I held for the 1 year birthday here at Cold's Gold Factory.  Bishops has also been inspired to start his own blog titled The Noob's Corner.  Good luck with your new site Bishops!

Lil' Ragnaros

Since I had read on the Blizzard site that the vanity pet Lil' Raggy kills critters that get too close to him, I wondered if those critters killed by Lil' Ragnaros actually counted towards the guild achievements.  Bishops chose Lil' Ragnaros as his contest prize so I asked him to test it out for me. 

We are now verified by testing and can report that Critters Killed By Lil' Ragnaros Do Count Towards The Guild Achievements Critter Kill Squad and Crittergeddon

Has anyone tested to see if Lil' KT killed critters also count?  So an easier way to work on these guild acheivements  and get your Armadillo Pup is to always have a Lil' Ragnaros out following you around to kill critters for you.  He can even add kills while you are AFK.  On a side note, Lil' Ragnaros also counts as a cooking fire.  Read more about Lil' Ragnaros over at The Noob's Corner.


  1. Lil' KT counts. Sleepy Willy and Toxic Wasteling will also kill critters every so often and those count as well. There's a pretty good writeup at Miss Mediocre also found a great spot to kill a lot of snakes

  2. My guild already has these achievements; if this achievement actually matters to you just get a pet class of any sort, such as a Unholy DK, hunter, warlock, frost mage, etc. Put your pet on aggressive and everytime you go AFK jut chill in the corner of the Deeprun Tram with a bunch of rats. (Horde can go to an area in the open area ZG with tons of snakes)

    It takes no effort and you can't put your money towards a Moonkin hatchling to give to charity instead of worrying about killing critters. :D

  3. Haha, that's a pretty awesome find. Critter kills are also multiplied by the number of guild members you have in your group, so if you have four members, killing one critter counts as four toward the achievement. If you have a bunch of people in your guild with Lil' Ragnaros, you could just group them up and run wild around Azeroth! Would take no time at all if you did that.


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