Thursday, January 27, 2011

Auction House Junkies Episode 2 Is Out

Auction House Junkies Podcast

Cold's Gold Factory and Capped by Cata present to you

Auction House Junkies - Episode 2

Already?  Yup!  We are trying to feed your addiction as quickly as possible.

So head on over to the Auction House Junkies Homepage and enjoy Episode 2. 

Listen to the full show to learn how you can win the World of Warcraft Programming Add-Ons Guide.


  1. The alliance comment was hillarious.

  2. I play alliance. You're statements are fairly accurate. Keep up the good work on the podcast!

  3. Hey you wasted the listeners time by reading my grumpy hate comment instead of maybe reading a glowing comment! Thanks!

    I do love your show, but was having a bad day and while I don't mind alliance/horde chest thumping, I do mind cliche, tired unimaginative insults like "alliance are for women and children". Surely you can do better.

    I post as anonymous in these crazy days of phishing, identity theft, spam email, etc, not because I troll and leave dick comments behind a veil of anonymity, as you insinuated by mentioning that I had posted "as anonymous of course". (my email for wow related stuff is iceveiledwow at gmail dot com - there, I'm not anonymous anymore).

    I've posted on your blog for over a year anonymously, though I don't post often. I do appreciate and enjoy your blog and podcast.

    No hard feelings I hope. Keep up the good work.

  4. No hard feelings. It is all in good fun.


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