Friday, January 14, 2011

Hagor da Goblin Leaks Secret Information

Hagor da Goblin
Hello fellow goblins and tall ones.

You nots know me.  Me Hagor.  Me sneaks and listens and hears secret information.  Hagor share with you all now.  Please listen to Hagor.  Hagor will show you great many things.  Hagor will show you wonderful things.  Me go now 'for boss sees me in office and nots work.  Me help boss makes gold.

-Hagor da Goblin

Listen to Hagor's Leaked Information Here


  1. Sounds very unique. :D One thing I would say is the last voice that I think was supposed to sound . . . evil? It was a bit hard for me to understand compared to the goblin voice. :(

  2. it was very hard to understand the last voice cold but what an awesome idea and concept

  3. did it say? Auction house project, feeding your addictions, one episode at a time, with your host, cold from colds gold factory and ?? from capped by cata?

  4. Da bossman and new guy say Auction House Junkies and me thinks new guy name is Wes from Capped By Cata. New guy makes golds too. Me sorry hard to hear. No want get caught by bossman. Me try and get closer for better hear evidence. Keeps you posted.


  5. Oh sweet! Is this what you and Wes have been working on? Can't wait to hear it!

  6. Hagor have extra special secret message for you. Dis for you ears better hear.

    Hagor's New Leaked Information

  7. A new podcast would be great. Poor Marcko's been unable to do Call to Auction, it seems (but Euripides, I've heard you on HPP lately, what's your excuse for no new CtA?!)


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