Monday, January 10, 2011

BoA Guild Cloak Profits: Are You Ready?

BoA Guild Cloaks Incoming

Guilds will soon be able to purchase the BoA cloaks and helms.  The guild achievement system will be rewarding guilds that have reached the guild level 10 with the ability to purchase Bind-On-Account Cloaks from the guild vendor.  As with any BoA item, players will be looking for some of the best enchants to place on these items for their twinks and alternate Warcraft characters.  So once guilds start to hit the required guild level 10, expect sales of BoA and Twink enchants for cloaks to increase.  Sales will continue to improve as even more guilds obtain enough guild experience to hit level 10.

BoA Guild Cloaks

There are going to be 3 BoA cloak options available to players.  If you are building a twink and want to compare the stat values at specific levels (for comparing to similar blues) be sure to check out the BoA Item Scaler.  The 3 Cloak options are:
BoA & Twink Cloak Enchants

The Best Options For Selling

[Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense] +70 Armor

[Enchant Cloak - Greater Nature Resistance] +15 Nature Resistance

[Enchant Cloak - Greater Resistance] +5 Resistance All

[Enchant Cloak - Stealth] +8 Agi and +8 Dodge (AQ Drop, or Exhalted Cenarion Expedition)*
[Enchant Cloak - Subtlety] Decrease All Threat by 2% (AQ Drop, or Exhalted Honor Hold / Thrallmar)
[Enchant Cloak - Dodge] +12 Dodge (The AQ drop version has no level restriction)

*Mageshadow of The Gnomish Coin broke the news on the Buff to the Stealth Enchant a while ago.  Check out his original post.

PRO TIP:  Grab up Coilfang Armaments and Fel Lotus as the value of both will be increasing as guilds hit guild level 10.


  1. Nice list - off I go to check my enchanter has them all then I will make 5 of each and let you know the results.



  2. I've been trying to move these the last couple of weeks to no avail thinking I could get some early trade. Hopefully as soon as a few hit level 10 it'll start going.

  3. I don't think [Enchant Cloak - Subtlety] will sell a lot, but it probably is the best option for people in the 80-85 range that are also doing some instances (since +8 dodge/+8 agility at those levels don't give that much).
    Sadly lots of people don't really care about threat (and I'm talking as a tank and not as a gold-maker here).

  4. I've never had good luck selling Subtlety. The preferred method of leveling these days is primarily solo questing, dipping into dungeons now and then along the way. It provides almost no benefit to you while soloing unless you're a pet class, and in dungeons tank threat is so high that it's really not an issue.

    However, I've sold every copy of Stealth I've made since the change.

  5. Dang, pysnister, I envy you.

    I've a post up on my blog about my complete lack of success with scrolls of Stealth. Saturday was the earliest guilds who have been capping daily could reach level ten, and I was all set to pounce on the market. Day 3, eight guilds on my server are level 10, and I've only sold three scrolls :(

  6. Soon? I've had my alts gaining a sweet 5% extra from their cloaks for a few days now.

  7. FYI, BOA scaler is dead ....


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