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Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival #1 Favorite Cataclysm Farming Spots

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

Welcome to the premiere edition of Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival.  These carnivals will continue to take place the 11th day of every month and will be hosted here at Cold's Gold Factory. All World of Warcraft bloggers are welcome to participate and feedback both here and on the original authors' sites is strongly encouraged.  So show some support and please leave some feedback in the comments section.  These bloggers put a lot of time and hard work into these blogging carnival posts so please leave them some comments.

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What Is One Of Your Favorite Farming Spots In Cataclysm?

Wes of Capped By Cata
Fishing For Volatile Fires in Hyjal and the Sulfuron Spire
"My favorite spot in all of Cataclysm is located in Hyjal and the Sulfuron Spire. (Map above) This spot was originally reported over at Just My Two Copper "Fishing for Volatile Fire" However, I feel this spot is so incredibly good I wanted to give it a full write up."

Kreaton of Not So Secret Society
Go Dive Gathering In Vashj'ir
"Yesterday I was questing with my gathering alt in Vashj'ir. And suddently I started seeing more and more herbs and mining nodes, spawning too fast for me to gather them. Sadly they're in the middle of a lot of mobs, but this actually also help keeping other characters from gathering them.  Here there is the location, "The Clutch" in the Kelp'thar Forest."

Wow For Dummies
Farming in Vashj'ir
"I am sure that there are a lot of great farming spots in Cataclysm. Matter of fact now that I can fly around Eastern kingdom every farming spot is extraordinary because it is easier to access. However I came across this nice farming spot in cataclysm."
Zoxy of Trading With Zoxy
Multiple Things To Farm In Tol Barad
"This post is about  my favourite farming spots in Cataclysm in Tol Barad , the previous post Blizzard Decided to Nerf .The Previous spot still works but only with a a Potion of treasure finding"

Hyrm of WowStability
Farming Heartblossom and Troggs In Between
"If you didn’t look well enough at the big picture at the top of this post, let me put it in text format – HEARTBLOSSOM IS EVERYWHERE IN DEEPHOLM. For those who are not aware of how these herb icons appeared in the map, see my post on Gathermate. The hundreds of icons that appear in Deepholm map makes it my favorite farming spot for herbs."

Markco and Mageshadow of Just My Two Copper
Best Cataclysm Whiptail Farming Spot
"I farm some specific herbs, especially since Deepholm and Twilight Highlands have been nerfed. I have resorted to farming Whiptail, and Azsahara's Veil. Both currently go for 3-400g per stack, and they're both extremely easy and plentyful to farm."

Mining For Gold In Molten Core
"I simply love Molten Core, this place is and has been one of the best places to make gold, from ingots to enchanting patterns, and even level 60 BOE gear, this place is a gold mine, you simply need a pick axe and you'll be mining your own gold!"

Smudger of Warcraft Corner
Farming Volatile Fire
"Currently I have only one thing that is worth farming and that is Volatile Fire. Most professions require this and theres only a few places to farm it."

Moravec of Follow The Gold Road
Farming The Auction House
"In terms of farming, what we are looking at is the potential income lost from farming materials as opposed to buying them from other farmers.  This also has a time aspect – the time spent farming could be spent processing more of the materials from alternative supplies or engaging in other markets."

Dizzy of I Has Stuffs
Dungeon Farming For Frostweave Bag Mats
"So not to throw everyone a complete curve ball but my favorite spot to farm atm will have you going back to Wrath content.  On my server the cost to make a Frostweave Bag has finally caught back up with the new price."

Shamaenei of Ele-Mental Gold
Relaxing Farming in the Abyssal Depths
"For me the Abyssal Depths are coming closest to relaxation for several reasons, it's underwater making it relaxing and there are only a few and sometimes even no player at all in this area. Looking at documentaries about the deep seas always does the job of relaxation for me(but all the water also make you go to the toilet!) and the design team really nailed the whole experience on this one. The deep seas of the Abyssal Depths really feel vast."

Wukam of Bank of Wukam
Farming Savage Leather
"Normally, I'm not a huge fan of farming. It certainly has it's uses and it's advantages, but I generally find it repetitive and tedious, and just not for me. But there is one type of farming I tend to enjoy, and that's leather farming. Why? Because you get to kill stuff. Who doesn't enjoy slaughtering hundreds of helpless little creatures and then adding insult to injury by tearing the skin off their backs?"

Stede of Venture, LLT
Pilfering Epics
"I've mentioned that my main is a Rogue (alliance-side; sorry hordies, that's all I know), and one of the oft-forgotten abilities of Rogues is Pick Pocket."

Nicegrl of Nicegrl
Deepholm and Twilight Highlands Mining Routes
"I found some great places for you guys to mine if you need some to your jewelcrafting or blacksmithing maybe? (If you are from my realm (Azuremyst EU) look away now so you don’t steal my mining spots! :D )"

Xeroaze of The Tipped Copper
Farming The Trade Chat Channel
"My favorite farming spot (Trade Chat) can only be accessed through being in a major city and you MUST have a keyboard.  Over time you adapt to the environment and learn the skill"

Mageshadow of The Gnomish Coin
Farming For Azshara's Veil in Tol Borad
"By now most of you know that having a gathering profession is crucial when a new expansion comes out, and I've recently found a spot that is excellent for farming Aszhara's veil, a rare herb that is only found under water, and is not found in many places."

Brouk of Confessions of A Half Ass Gold Maker
Farming The Tol'Vir Instance
"I, like many others out there, hate farming. I only find farming fun, when I am accomplishing something else in the process. Enter Tol'vir. This instance is a blast. Every day, my guild and I run Lost City on Heroic. Our reasoning, it takes 45 minutes or less."


  1. Nice, hopefully the first of many :D

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  2. It's looking good cold! Let's see if there are any nice new blogs that I haven't got in my rss reader yet. Time to get reading =3

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  4. Good work, thanks for putting this together.

    Suggestion: can you make the carnival on the first Tuesday of the month instead of the 11th? On maintenance days I am more inclined to read all the posts--but if the servers are up I'm usually otherwise occupied.

    Excellent content.

  5. @Kammler

    Not ever Tuesday is a maintenance day in the US. Euoropean servers are maintenanced every Wednesday, another day altogether.

    I'm going to stick with the 11th of each month as that's much easier to remember for readers to be on the look out for it. And thats what I've been promoting as have other bloggers, so a change now would do much more harm than good.

    Hell the Darkmoon Faire is hard enough to figure out being that it is the first Monday after the First Friday of the month. LOL!

    You are welcome to read the carnival entries on whatever day you like though.

    Thanks for participating to you and everyone else. We had an excellent turn out for the first edition. Hope to have even more next month!

    Thanks Gang!

  6. Grats Cold, happy to see another blog succeeding with the Carnival model. Helps everyone, both advanced and noobie bloggers.

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