Saturday, January 8, 2011

Attention Warcraft Bloggers and Blog Readers


I want to apologize to the other great gold blogs that are out there.  While I have many of you in my blogroll already, I am finding it harder and harder to find time to read each and every one of you daily.  I have been involved in a great new project, working with Wes from Capped by Cata.  It should be ready shortly.  We think you are going to love it.  More news on this secret project as we get the final stages wrapped up.

There has been such an explosion of gold bloggers onto the scene that there are many excellent sites out there putting out awesome content.  I want to do a better job of linking to your great articles and helping grow your site's traffic and reader base.  Many of you have been instrumental in helping drive traffic my direction.  I thank you for that.  Now I would like to help reciprocate the favor.

What I am asking is this:  If there is a post that you are very proud of please send me a link and I will try to work up a post that links to it.  Please make sure to submit to me your very best content that you worked long and hard on.  Think guest post quality.  If its a great post, I will link to it to get you some inbound links.  Thanks to all of you that have been including inbound links to all of my Mysterious Fortune Card Posts.  All incoming links are very welcome.  Now I just want to return the favors.

Guest Posts

Similarly, guest posts are always welcome.  Please submit them to me for consideration or contact me with a topic idea as well.  I do also do guest post swaps, if you prefer to trade posts.  Again, contact me for topic and release discussion.  Remember that guest posting is an excellent way to get new traffic.  Please review my post on Why You Should Be Guest Posting over at my new blog, Blogging Vitals.

Blogroll Additions

I have a lot of you already included on my blogroll.  If you are a new gold blogger or a Warcraft blogger that often but not always talks about gold making strategies, then by all means, contact me to be added to my blogroll.  This is another great way to get new incoming traffic to your upcoming site.

Blogging Carnival

The first Blogging Carnival here at Cold's Gold Factory goes live on January 11th.  You have only 2 more days to get your submissions included for this carnival.  Again, my new site has an excellent article on The Benefits Of Blogging Carnivals and why you should participate.

ATTENTION READERS:  Tipping Your Bloggers

I would like to call you attention to another great article that I have written on Tipping Your Bloggers.
You can tip your favorite bloggers without even coming out of your own pocket!  Check out the article to learn how.  Fellow bloggers feel free to link to that said tipping article with the anchor text "Have you tipped a blogger today?"  Let's all try to help cultivate a new mindset for our readers.

Disciplinary Action

Last but not least, I want each and every one of you World of Warcraft bloggers to go and read this excellent article on promoting your site, which was posted at Disciplinary Action.  Check it out now!  I use most of  these strategies.  Are you too?
Shameless Self Promotion: A Beginner's Guide To Driving Traffic to Your WoW Blog

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  1. Great post Cold and thanks for that last link.

    While I have been doing all of the items listed I probably haven't been doing them as efficiently as I should have been. Specifically Facebook.

    For Wordpress there is an add-on that will automatically tweet your posts when they are published but I have not been able to find an equivalent add-on for Facebook so I have to manually do that every the AH I want to get everything as automated as possible to cut down time.


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