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Pyrite Ore, Epic Gems, and Volatile Life: Reader Submission

Reader Submission - Huntrix of Akama

Hello mate, I've been reading your guide every day now for the past month or two, But I've had a question I believe you haven't answered on any of your posts yet.

My names huntrix, im from realm Akama horde, im sitting on 180kish in gold, and i probably have another 50-100k in liquid mats I think, I have alot of abyss crystals, saronite ore, and Argent tournament pets. I have about 100 metas saved up for the patch, and I plan on buying the new meta pattern, by camping the AH and buying it for whatever price it is and start mass cutting metas for a good price.

Any way my question is: Do you think it is worth it to invest into the Pyrite Ore due to one of the next patches that Pyrite Ore will be able to be prospected into EPIC gems? And at what price would you recommend buying the pyrite ore, and how many stacks would you invest in?

Also my other question is what do you think about Volatile Lifes, i've been reading that tons of people are buying these up for pretty cheap to sell them later? I haven't really read alot about the volatile lifes so my knowledge on this is lacking

Any way thanks again I hope you answer back my question!


Thanks for the reader submission, Huntrix.

Volatile Life - If you are finding these cheap I would definately pick up some to flip at a higher price.  These Volatile Lifes are required to create Darkmoon Cards and Decks so you can buy them throught the month to sell during the week of the Darkmoon Faire.  This was the case for Primal Lifes and Eternal Lifes as well.  The 1 week during the faire you will see a spike in demand, thus higher sales volumes and prices.

Also Patch 4.0.6 includes 3 new alchemist stones and all of them require 50 Volatile Life to craft, so now alchemists can choose a stone other than +stamina and go for a major stat like +str, +int, or +agi.

Pyrite Ore - Once it is patched in that prospecting Pyrite Ore creates epic gems the price will inflate overnight and will result in an overall higher value of the stacks of ores.  This is not being added in Patch 4.0.6 yet.  Just like Titanium prices went up when the epics started to be able to come from those ores.  You then have 2 options. 

You can buy reasonably prices Pyrite Ore and then flip it later, or you can buy it now while its cheaper and then prospect it later once the epic gems are patched in.  Either way could earn you a nice return on investment, especially if you have saved up jewelcrafting tokens to get the new epic cuts as they are released.  Not sure what a good price would be to buy at, but buying at 75% or less of current value should be a fail safe method.
Thanks Again Huntrix!

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  1. You're assuming that it's a given that Pyrite ore will be changed to prospect into epic gems when they are released.

    I'm not convinced of that yet.

    In Wrath, they added the ability to prospect titanium, which was not prospectable before then. In TBC, they never gave the ability to prospect epic gems that I can recall. So it's not like we have a consistent model to follow.

    You may well be right and investing in Pyrite now could pay off hugely. On the other hand, you may be left holding an ore that prospects into blue gems when epics become available some other way.

    I'm not trying to discourage anybody from speculating this way, I just want to make sure they understand the risks.

  2. I'm neither convinced, that Pyrite Ore will be patched to prospect into epic gems.
    Why, you ask? Simply because of current profession bonuses. In WotLK, the prof-bonus of Jewelcrafting was in pair of other prof-bonuses with the epic cuts, now in Cataclysm almost every prof-bonus is on the same level with rare (blue) gems. The introduction of epic quality gems would bring the buffing the other profession bonuses too or JC would be overall superior to anything else.

  3. I think epic gems will come from pyrite. I think blizzard was happy with the way things went with prospecting titanium for the gems. However, notice those two sentences start with "i think", because they haven't said where we will be getting them from. I myself am investing in pyrite ore at reasonable prices. If pyrite ore does indeed yield epic gems, look for the price of volatile earth to drop.

  4. Neither permanent nor washableJanuary 26, 2011 at 8:16 AM

    Huntrix, the new metas are world drops I believe. You'll also notice overall the price of pyrite is starting to increase on the server - I'd be cautious not to be the frog in the pot. Have you thought of getting into the glyph business? There are people forever spamming for bc herb glyphs. And don't give up your day job... our shaman friend needs competition in your current market ;)

  5. All great points gang. You are right, we can't bank on Pyrite Ore providing epic gems, or that epic gems will even be released. Or they could be added as a vendor item only or a drop from bosses. So only invest if you are getting these at good prices anyways.

    On a side note, just got 1500 Volatile Lifes for 5g each from my herb supplying farmer.

  6. Speculation is by definition risky. History is rife with stories of visionaries that turned successful speculation into incredible fortunes. JP Morgan, the Vanderbilts, William Sears, Rockefeller--all names that resonate as men who reaped huge rewards by taking great risk in Oil, Railroads, Banking and Retail industries.

    The memories of the millions who risked it all and died penniless are often overlooked.

    California's first millionaire was not John Sutter on whose land the first gold was discovered in 1848. Instead, that title belonged to Sam Brennan who sold pick axes and other mining equipment to the '49ers who invaded CA looking for gold. Sutter, by the way, died a pauper and was buried in an unmarked grave.

    The lesson for goblins? Big risk may mean possible big rewards but be sure you can stand the pain of failure.

    Sure, Pyrite may be the new Titanium. But it may be the new Cobalt too. I plan to only buy Pyrite at prices that will result in profit in today's marketplace. 75% may be high--I'm thinking around 60%.

    Volatile life seems the more secure investment. Not only will its demand be sure to increase with new Alchemist stones, but also the Darkmoon Faire and usefulness of Vol Life in the creation of other Vol elements, transmutation and crafting uses give it a broader base of users. More stable demand.

    You may succeed as the next Rockefeller but I am satisfied being a Brennan.

  7. I think there's quite a good possibility that pyrite prospecting will be changed ina future patch to provide epic gems.
    But personally I'm not buying right now.
    The expansion is still fresh - pyrite prices are remarkably higher than the other ores (at least on my server) and I think they are bound to drop over the next weeks.
    If Blizz decides to patch in epic gems, I'm betting it will happen when a new raid zone unlocks.


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