Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kaja'Cola From The Goblin Starting Zone


Kaja'Cola is a nifty little item that is picked up from all over the goblin starting zone and is also rewarded from completing goblin quests.  Kaja'Cola is part novelty item and part buff.  Drinking it gives 2 effects.  You get a small buff that grants +2 Intelligence for 10 minutes and when you drink it your character will yell out a random "idea" for everyone to hear.

These are not bound to the character that loots them, so they can be mailed off and sold on the auction house.  Players will buy them as a fun novelty item.  The gold isn't going to make you rich, but if you gather some of these while doing the goblin zone, mail them off for a little profit from the auction house.  These could be a good way to get you started on the auction house, if you are trying to build some seed money to get your new auction business running.

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  1. I flipped some of these over the neutral AH for a while and sold them to Alliance. I sold a few at 65g but for every sale I got I got 500 "what do they do? lol thats dumb" whispers. Sigh!

    Getting sick of barking for them (Since Alliance don't know what they are so you kind of have to bark) I just gave my spares to my boyfriend, who started using them in raids. Everyone got a kick out of them and my sales went up dramatically. xD


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