Friday, January 21, 2011

The Auctioneer Hot Spot In New Orgrimmar

New Orgrimmar Tauren Area
New Orgrimmar

You aren't still basing your auctioneering operations in the near front gate of Orgrimmar are you?  The front gate commerce area in the new Orgrimmar era is one of the least efficient areas to use as your base of operations since Cataclysm.  It is really bad compared to my new favorite area.

Why The Orgrimmar Front Gate Auction House Sucks

Everything is too far apart.  This wastes valuable time running to the auction house from the anvil, the forge, the bank, trade merchants selling your dyes, thread, parchaments, etc.  The one good thing is that there is a mailbox at the foot of the steps leading up to the auction house.  That's all though.

The Most Efficient Auctioneer Area

The most efficient area to set up shop and organize your business is the Tauren area within the Valley of Wisdom.  The screenshot above shows all of the basics you need as a merchant to cut down on wasted time while crafting, buying, selling, mailing, and listing on the auction house.  Let's look at what the Tauren area has to offer.
  • Forge and Anvil next to each other, along with a repairing vendor.
  • Mailbox.
  • Bank and Guild Vault next to each other.
  • Bonfire for cooking.
  • Trade vendor selling commonly used items, like Runethread.
  • Auctioneer.
The best part is this is almost everything you could ask for and all within a few paces from each other.  This has quickly become my new favorite spot to post and craft as everything is so close together.

The Goblin area isn't as good because the mailbox is too far away from the auction house.  Same goes for the troll area.  The mailbox is on the ground level and the auctioneer and bank are higher up.  No guild bank (or at least none easily found) is also a huge penalty for both of these areas. 

One nice benefit of the troll area is that the auctioneer and the bank can both be accessed without having to move, but if you need to add mailbox and / or guild bank interaction into your routine, then you are better off over in the sweet Tauren hot spot.

The Orgrimmar back blacksmithing area is just as bad as the front.  Everything is too far apart.

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You aren't running back and forth from the bank to the auction house in the front of Ogrimmar are you?


  1. Same can be said for Stormwind. The Dwarven district has the same sorts of benefits.

  2. The only reason I prefer the AH in the back is because it's closest to the JC daily. Though with this set up, I guess I could bring myself fly out there once a day. Neat find!

    And I avoid the front of Orgrimmar like the plague. Way too much lag...

  3. There is always a guild bank in close proximity to your bank no matter were you are: the goblin's is a yellow sphere(bomb/pigy bank or something) which is located right next to the banker, as for the troll's I believe is a rather small and ordinary green box... really dosn't stand out, but i assure u troll area has a guild bank aswell within reach of the AH.
    Also on the bottom level there is a trade vendor, and i think a inkeeper aswell.

    My view: Stay in Cow Town unless ur handling large volume sales in which case troll gains favor(eg: selling all glyphs on 1 toon by switching scribe bags from the bank)
    I also like that goblin has a tailor trainer close for power leveling that :)

  4. As soon as I read the title of the post I knew this was where you were going with it. It's just super convenient, especially for those of us who bank on a Level 1, so the distance from AH to mailbox to vendor to bank is all done on foot. Good post!

  5. I respectfully disagree. On a level 1 bank alt the Troll area is much stronger because the only thing you are moving for at all is the mailbox, which to get to is just a quick 2 steps forward to jump off. The only thing you have to move for is to get back from the mailbox. As Draikking said there is a guild bank near the troll area and you can access guild bank, AH, and personal bank without taking a single step.

    - Aeg

  6. I'ma go with Cold's assessment of the Tauren spot rather than the troll... while accessing the mailbox may be a quick jump, now i have to walk back. Much of my AH time is spent moving between the mailbox and the AH, with the Bank and GB being rarely visited. The goods i'm dealing in had better already be in my bank alt's bags, or I'm not being very efficient myself!

  7. The back zone also has the JC and Fishing dailies, and a mailbox on the front steps of both the bank and the AH. I do the Fishing and Cooking dailies on most of my alts (which include several JCs), so it's easier for me to start and stop their daily loop from there.

    (I'm also spoiled in that all of my bankers can fly - having the bank located across the pond isn't that big of a deal to a 310-speed Druid.)

  8. I second what Skwidspawn said; the dwarven district in SW is ideal w/ all the amenities nearby, including the portals to the new Cata zones.

    Another spot I like is Exodar. Bank/auctioneers/trade supply vendor all close to each other, but w/o the lagginess of SW.

  9. I personnaly like shattath. AH, bank, bank guild, mail and vendor in the same building.

    Worst part is paying the initial trip.

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  11. My bankalt also does inscription. So he uses the AH bot in the engineer shop in Dalaran which is close to the ink trader.

  12. Just like the old Thunder Bluff but now in Org!


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