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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

10,000 Gold Per Hour BWL Magic Farm

Farming Runecloth in BWL
Today's feature is a guest post from  I am still accepting guest posts, if you too would like to reach a larger audience than your normal blog.  Just contact me for details.

In this farm entry, I’m bringing back one of the oldies. If you haven’t heard of it, the BWL (Blackwing Lair) magic farm is by far the best place to snag up as much runecloth as your little bags can handle. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes to get the hang of it. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll likely walk away with more than enough transmog pieces to keep the auctioneers busy for weeks.

But enough hyperbole, let’s get into the basics.

The BWL Magic Farm and You: How It’s Done 

This farm takes place in the crimson laboratories in BWL. Skip to 2:59 to cut out all the YouTube chatter. The strategy is simple, your goal is to kill the Blackwing Technicians, all the while, keeping the Blackwing Spellbinders alive. Which is easy, because the blackwing spellbinders are immune to magic.

But Why Not Kill the Spellbinders?

Meaning if you only kill the blackwing technicians, and then drop combat, the technicians will instantly respawn. The goal is to not harm any of the spellbinders. The respawns work kind of like how a raid boss’s adds will respawn after a wipe. Except this time instead of wiping we’ll intentionally drop combat so we can start the encounter over. If done correctly, you can farm the technicians indefinitely. Their respawn rate is only limited by your ability to drop combat.

Learning The Pull: The Biggest Obstacle. 

All farms have obstacles, no matter how small or insignificant. For this farm, the most difficult part is learning the pulls (second to finding the loot of course). For the most part, the general pulling strategy starts at the entrance of the room and ends at the stairwell corner. Your job is to agro both floors of engineers and bring them back to the corner cut-off. That way, you can LOS them until their all gathered up for your AOE. (For assistance refer to 3:39 in the video)

Where to Farm Runecloth
Farming Runecloth in Blackwing Lair

Also, feel free to aggro the bosses, but refrain from killing them. Yes, they may do some nasty damage, but overall, the bosses help you pull faster as you drag them between both floors. Also, if your health drops too low, start killing the goblins as you pull them back to the stairway. Doing so will relieve some pressure, and you can always just go back and loot them the next run.

Getting The Right Classes: The Only Drawback. 

One major drawback here. Not everyone can do this. You do need to have a character that can drop combat multiple times in a small session. That limits eligible characters to:

  • Night Elf Priests (Shadowmeld) / Spectral Guise 
  • All Priests (Spectral Guise) 
  • Night Elf Druids (Shadowmeld) 
  • Hunters (Feign Death) 
  • Mages (Invisibility) 

The other characters that may have combat-dropping abilities, lack the magic damage needed to avoid the spellbinders. And while it’s not impossible to micro-manage your targeting, it does make this farm much less efficient.

Exploring The Loot Tables, Drops and Runecloth 

So as for the rewards...

You can expect around 1700 pieces of runecloth in an hour, and about 9,000g worth of mogging goods if your lucky. The other miscellaneous goods consist of elementium ingots, pristine blackrock diamonds, and a very small chance to get your hands on a skull-flame shield.

But as for the excess runecloth, and all the other things you could do to squeeze gold outta this farm.. I think it’s best if I let Cold give you the details from previous posts or you can stop by my website and let me teach it to ya at:

Either way, It’s all in good fun.

Thanks for the guest post on the great Runecloth Farming spot Steve!  I really don't like to ever use gold per hour numbers and especially don't use them on farming spots, mainly because you can't quantify the value of random drops.  So take this for what it is worth:  A great spot for farming runecloth with chances at transmog gear and other goodies.  Your actually gold per hour may vary. -Cold

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Runecloth Surplus Solution

Are You Overloaded On Runecloth?

Some of us stocked up a bunch of Runecloth prior to The Shattering in hopes of selling the stacks of Runecloth for reputation turn ins to new goblins and worgens.  Then Blizzard throws us a curveball and creates championing tabards for all of the player races.  Now we are stuck with a bunch of runecloth in our banks.  This was something that Wes had talked about on the Auction House Junkies podcast as well.  Maybe you are in the same boat as we are?

How To Move Your Runecloth

The market for selling unbolted stacks of Runecloth hasn't been favorable to flip these for a profit.  You may have success selling off your Runecloth as Bolts of Runecloth, but I would take a different approach.

The most profitable way to utilize runecloth on most servers would be to follow these easy steps.

  1. Have your tailor bolt it up into Bolts of Runecloth.
  2. Buy up a bunch of Runethread.
  3. Craft Runecloth Headbands.
  4. Send them to your Enchanter. (Bonus if you are an Enchanter / Tailor)
  5. Disenchant all of the Runecloth Headbands.
  6. Either sell your raw enchanting materials
  7. or Use them in BoA and Twink Enchanting scrolls for sale on the Auction House.

Why is this the most profitable alternative?  Because most servers are seeing a spike in demand due to a low volume of Vanilla enchanting materials (as I previously revealed), especially Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences, and Large Brilliant Shards.  Runecloth Headbands will only disenchant into these 3 great materials to sell on the auction house.

6 Bolts of Runecloth and 2 Runethread combine to create 1 Runecloth Headband.

Runecloth Headband Disenchant Table

  1. 1-2 Illusion Dust - 74%
  2. 1-2 Greater Eternal Essence - 23%
  3. 1 Large Brilliant Shard - 3%
Depending on the price of stacks of Runecloth on your server and the going rate for these Vanilla enchanting materials, this may be a viable profit option to invest in.  Like the obsidium shuffle, this is a bit labor intensive, but can be eased if you are an Enchanter / Tailor.