Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival Announcement

Cold's Gold Factory Blogging Carnival

Cold's Gold Factory will be hosting a monthly blogging carnival here on the blog.  These blogging carnivals are excellent resources for our readers to get some excellent nuggets of knowledge all in one place.  They are also excellent tools for bloggers to get recognized and start to drive traffic from our sites to yours.  I highly recommend participating in these blogging carnivals as your submission's will tend to be some of the most visited content on your site.  Be sure to read about the benefits of blogging carnivals, if you are undecided about participating in Cold's Blogging Carnival.

What Is a Blogging Carnival?

A blogging carnival is a compilation of blog posts all created around one specific topic, which is chosen by the host site.  Entries into the carnival are submitted to the host.  The host then organizes the posts into one big post with links back to the original articles on the participating author's sites.

Rules for Cold's Gold Factory Blogging Carnivals

  • Create the entire post on your own site.
  • Send me an email with a link to your post.  SSmith0911 (at) live (dot) com
  • Submissions must be in by the 10th of each month.
  • All carnivals will go live on Cold's Gold Factory on the 11th of each month.
  • All World of Warcraft bloggers are invited to participate.  You don't have to author a gold blog, but you need to follow the set topic.
  • Each post written for the carnival should begin with a link with the anchor text "Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival" and link to
Learn more about the importance of proper anchor text here.  Linking to the above page with the proper anchor text in each carnival entry will help to drive traffic to the gold blogging carnival and in turn drive more traffic to your entries.

January 11th Topic:  What is one of your favorite farming spots in Cataclsym?


  1. Hope the carnival goes well for you Cold, I'm gonna have to step out of this one as farming just ain't my thing. My favourite farming spot is, of course, the Auction House.

  2. I will need a few more weeks to get my gatherer project up to 85 but i'll see what I can do.

  3. I think you should add in the rules that the posts must state that they're made for this carnival, and link to some "carnival page" on your blog, as it is now for JMTC.
    I suppose you just thought it was obvious, but it's worth writing it down: I think a blogging carnival loses a lot of its purpose if it fails to sponsor itself.

  4. Does the carnival have a tilt-a-whirl?
    Will there be a dunk tank? I will bring a stack of ones....
    You know you can count me in. Is there a boobie prize for the worst post? =)
    ALTOs Gold"ish" Advise- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!

  5. @Kreaton

    Good idea, I'll add it above.


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