Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winners Announced For Cold's Win A Pet Code Contest


Congratulations to the following 2 Win A Pet Code Contest Winners:
  • Winner #1:  Bishops (You may recognize the name as he as submitted topics for Reader Submissions)
  • Winner #2:  Zoxy of Trading With Zoxy.  Stop by and check out his gold blog.
Thanks for all who entered and a big thanks for all of the wonderful comments you guys left about the site.  I appreciate all of the great feedback.

Random Drawn with the My Hat Freeware

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

Bloggers:  Remember to get your entries in for the January 11th First Monthly Edition of Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival.  Get your entries in ahead of time as they will be listed in the order they are received.  A higher listing means you will get more traffic and page views each time someone comes to the carnival page.  Godspeed to you!   Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival is just one of the new things coming from Cold's Gold Factory.  Be sure to check out my new site to help out beginning bloggers.  Blogging Vitals can be found at

Look for more great new things out of Cold's Gold Factory in 2011!


  1. Sweeeeet deal... Thanks a lot brother... Can't wait for my new little friend .. (using my best scarface voice). Say hELLO to my litttttle friend "

    Also, what's the deal with saronite ore's
    I've srockiled on these, what should I do now?
    And what do u recommend for lower level lags trying to make gold?

  2. Yea - Just which one to pick :)

    Saronite - I keep about 10 stack of ore on the AH for 40g at the moment and normally sell a few of these during the week .

    thanks again Cold for the competition


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