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Lil XT
Lil KT
Moonkin Hatchling
Lil Ragnaros
Cold's Gold Factory Turns 1 This Month
Cold's Gold Factory will be celebrating it's one year anniversary this month.  On December 21st, this World of Warcraft gold blog will be turning 1 year old so I've decided to celebrate with a Cataclysmic contest for all my wonderful readers.  Enter for a chance to win one of these wonderful vanity pets.  Here are the contest details on how to enter for your chance at one of these amazing little guys.  

Pet Code Contest Details
Normally I wouldn't spend $10 myself on a digital vanity pet and definately wouldn't spend $25 for a Sparkle Pony.  Lil Ragnaros is so cool that I may just buy one for myself.  Did you know he burns up any critters that get too close to him?  He may not be worth $10 to you, but now you can have a chance to win him.  Contests are so much fun.

Win A Pet Code Contest Description:  (Contest Entry Changed)
This contest will be a random drawing based on entries.  Odds of winning will be based on number of entrants and number on entries.  Entries are free and you can enter up to 3 times.  I will give away 2 pets and winners can pick which vanity pet they would like. All winners will be chosen at random.
You can not win more than once.  International entries are allowed, as the codes have yet to be purchased.  The winners will be posted at Cold's Gold Factory in a post of their own on December 23rd.  Pet codes will be purchased from the Blizzard store and gifted to the Win a Pet Code Contest winners .  Digital codes will arrive from Blizzard.

How To Enter:
  1. Leave a comment on THIS PAGE - 1 entry per person.  Please comment with what your favorite thing is about Cold's Gold Factory or a testimonial of a tip I provided that you implemented.
  2. Winners will be required to provide Your Name, Country, Server, email, and any WoW Related Website you represent in the Notes of the Paypal Donation.  (Just for the Winner's Report Post on December 23rd)
  3. Contest Entries will Cease at 12:00 Midnight Eastern Time on December 21st.

Bonus Entry:  Any WoW Blogger (doesn't need to be a gold blog, just WoW focused) that links to this post gets an extra entry.  Please use:  Cold's Gold Factory Win a Pet Code Contest as the anchor text in order to qualify for one free entry.  Email me a link to the post once it goes live as proof.  Remember winners get a free text link back to a site they represent.  Please title all emails: Pet Code Contest.

Thanks to all my readers who have almost made it to the 1 year mark with me.  Spread the word and good luck to you all.  Let's get this Cataclsym expansion kicked off with some fun vanity pet giveaways.  No purchase required.

NOTE:  I changed this to a no purchase required Giveaway Contest.  Anyone who entered with the old $1 entry raffle method, will have their entry refunded.  Sorry about the changes, but I decided this will be a more friendly trustable option.  All comments have been cleared as the contest has changed and this page is now the entry page.


  1. Your post on Arcanite bars waaaay back earlier in the year has been a gold mine for me. Thanks Cold!

  2. Very kind Cold

    To be honest there is no one thing or one post i like about your blog i just like it.

    Lots of regular updates of well written stuff you cannot ask for much more.

  3. Your tip about twink greens going blue have netted me 200g so far, and I have several items left. Thanks!

  4. your post about what to stockpile for winter veil gave an excellent list to check back on, haven't made any gold from it yet of course....but i expect to ;) . thanks so much for writing this blog!

  5. Loving the regular content!

    Keep it up in cata ! :D

    xoxo anaalius

  6. arcanite bars were huge for me, keep in good work!

  7. Your post about twink and BoA chants really helped me round out my collection. Thanks!

  8. Your Winter Veil post is amazing! I constantly refer to it as it is very in depth and helpful, although everything you post is always extremely user-friendly, helpful and genuine. Keep it up!

  9. Mmm...I love having you on my RSS feed, b/c I easily made 2k gold when they patched up the Mage Armor glyph so scribes go make them again.

    If I win I'm gonna be so at odds between picking raggy or mini-fatkin :(

  10. Stuff to sell, buy and stockpile for Cataclysm. It is nice with comprehensive lists, and I've been very happy to see, that we agree about most of the things!

  11. BoA enchants, I've been making a bot of gold from that one :)

  12. BoA enchants made me some nice gold too, and so far not too many people are selling them which is nice!

  13. Well its your blog and a few others that made me start but one of my favourites is

    I am going to be making these and selling them soon


  14. I've been reading your blog for a long time Cold and think you do a great job - it's one of my favourites. It's well written and regularly updated with real gold tips, unlike some others I could mention that seem to have gone downhill in recent months. Your winter Veil stuff was an eye opener for me and I'm hoping to profit from it very soon! Keep up the good work!

  15. Sign me up, I would love a new vanity pet :) I'm looking forward to trying out the Deeprock Salt trick this coming winterveil. Assuming the cataclysm hasn't changed it.

  16. I have referred back to the guild bank pricing chart several times recently. Thanks for all of the great content!

  17. I love the regular contests you have :)

    Keep up the good work!


  18. Hey Cold, I love your blog I found it from reading JustMyTwoCopper and I always try and view your posts because you provide great information that I try and put into practice.

    Hogo Keep it up :)

  19. Waiting for winter veil tip to pay out!

  20. I enjoy your approachable conversational style and the variety of professions you cover - it's not all AH scanning here. Happy Holidays!

  21. My favorite post was the one about the pet give aways. *trollface*

    But actually, your post about what items will be in demand due to the Christmas holiday tipped me off to stock up on Deep Rock Salt at near-vendor prices. I anticipate making a lot of gold from it, thanks!

  22. Of the most recent post I would prefer the one about the fortune cookies. It told me something I haven`t had thought about and now I`m reday to make some gold with the gambling addicted players^^...

  23. Mostly Cold, I like your name. I always smile when it pops up on my Google reader :)

  24. I want to start out by saying thank you for this contest. I will love to enter and get a chance at winning one. As you already know, this site has helped me made money.. tons of money,, i have only been playing for about 4 months but have managed to never run out of money or ask for any money. You posted something about tracker snacks for the pilgrims bounty and i took your advise. I had a buddy help me craft a few of these and i posted them the night before... I was the first and ONLY seller at 25G. after about a full day and over 20 sales later there were a few that posted their own and tried to undercut... Since they only posted about 6-7 auctions, i flooded the next page with new auctions undercutting him.. i did that for about 3 days and make a ton... towards the end i sold em as low as 5g lol.. thanks and keep up the great help... can i askk,.,

    what do you say about saronite ore?? stock? sale? etc

  25. I have you added to my RSS feed along with JMTC as my go to source for AH tips. Using info from both sites I was able to go from 1k gold to around 100k gold in about 2 months casually using AH strategies given. My pet collecting addiction has brought that amount waaaay down though, but I'm happy with my purchases.

  26. Wow, I was just going there to pay my entry fee and I discovered it has become free! Cool!
    The things I like the most about your blog are your friendly attitude and the quality of your tips. I want to take your post "Auction House Mistakes I Learn From" as an example: it really makes me feel better about my own mistakes, and it helped me remember to check for every Auction I create!

  27. Friday, August 27, 2010
    Booty Bay: Resale Central

    This post is great for people wanting to get from 100g to 1000g quickly. Which is exactly what I used it for.
    I loved the fact that you really went into detail about how much each of the recipes are but I also seen a lot of gold to be made from 'Pattern: Admiral's Hat'
    On my server this easily goes for over 100g on my auction house so I always kept my eye out for that while on my Booty Bay trip.

    This was one of the tips that made me want to start blogging, I appreciated the help so much I wanted to join in to!

    This usually took me around 20 minutes to buy every recipe and around 48 hours to sell most if not all of the recipes which usually got me around 500g (excluding admirals hat)
    I also found a lot of profit in the recipe for green firework as this was used for darkmoon faire and I also would buy hundreds of the red fireworks where I would run around Stormwind shouting "Selling these shiny fireworks 1g a stack" which was a good profit considering the price was only like 1 silver!

    Thanks a lot for this mate!

  28. Well, i have a lot of posts of you that I try to apply in the AH. will follow ur last post aswell and will feed my AH today :)

  29. I like your post about easy gold and I do plan to use your Winters Viel strategy this year when all the new players and old come back to WoW!

  30. Cold, Your blog rocks! I am looking forward to cashing in from your Winterveil tips.


    If I win the contest, I want Lil'Ragnaros!

  31. I was just keeping abreast reading Zoxy's blog who linked here, as I'd quit for 6 months.
    I saw the pic of mini Ragnoras and immediately re-activated my sub.

  32. I love your blog, Cold, and this is the first one I read every day among a long list. :)

    My favorite thing about your blog is all of the content. You put so much work and care into your blog, and there's new content every day.

    I've sold a ton of Winter Veil stuff thanks to your post about it! I think I was at 4000g profit this morning before work?

  33. Cold,

    What didn't you help me with on blogging? I learned alot from you, and I wouldn't have been able to start my blog or even know how to link this: ALTOs Gold"ish" Advise- The Worst WoW Blog Ever! without your help.

    You have great content, I have made a ton of gold from your tips, I enjoy reading them and look forward to implementing your ideas as soon as you post them.

    Thanks again for everything,
    AKA Alto

  34. I really appreciate your blog and have been taking adavantage of the arcanite rods/bars tip you threw up a couple weeks/months ago. i also appreciate the fact that you update your blog regularly, it's a part of my morning routine.


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