Friday, December 17, 2010

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti Unlearnable Or Learnable?

Simply Abominable

Mechanical Yeti Pattern Is Obsolete

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti is no longer available to engineers that haven't already learned it prior to Cataclysm.  The recipe was formerly learned from completing a quest chain in Everlook, Winterspring.  Any engineer that completed the quest chain would be automatically rewarded with the ability to craft the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti vanity pet.  This is simply not possible anymore and has been confirmed via an in-game GM.

EDIT:  Apparently BLIZZ has GMs verifying incorrect information as the recipe is still learnable.  See the comments below for how to learn it.  I apologize for the mis-informed post.  We all make mistakes and this is my first one on the blog.  Thanks for the comments and corrective responses.  Again, I apologize.

Older Engineers Rejoice

This is good news for engineers that already have the ability to craft the Yeti vanity pet.  Any new engineers will be unable to learn this, which creates a great item to sell for the older engineers.  This limits the number of competitors able to craft these, which makes the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti an excellent item to sell on the auction house.  

Engineering Craftable Vanity Pets List 

The current roster of craftable engineering vanity pets is:
  1. Mechanical Squirrel Box
  2. Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (Pre-Cataclysm Learnable Only)
  3. Lil' Smokey
  4. Pet Bombling
  5. Lifelike Mechanical Toad
  6. Personal World Destroyer (Goblin Engineering Only)
  7. De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion (Gnomish Engineering Only)
Hope you weren't slacking in your ability to learn and craft the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti.

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  1. "this limits the number of competitors"

    I've always found the incredibly fiddly mats requirement and the stupidly tedious continent-hopping quest chain did that quite nicely already!

  2. For some idiot reason, i've been delaying leveling Engineering, because my main toons already have high leveled craft/gather skills and i'm just not quite willing yet to drop the gathering to level Engineering yet... so i miss this bus.

    On another note, How about a post on your Winter Veil earnings? I prepared as best i could with your suggestions, and am up close to 3k! I had 130 Small Eggs on the books, sold 50 in the first day for 5g each. Found out I had Winter Boots recipe from last year, so I ripped of about 20 pairs of those at a cost of about 10g each and sold them for 50g, as the ONLY supplier that first day. Even managed to come in late to the Winter Clothes game and undercut everyone to sell at 18g each. Did not manage to sell any mats, however... tried selling off my Wool and Rune cloth at a premium that first day and no buyers, so I just converted them into Product and sold no problem. Brought my meager purse up from 1300 to over 4400 in the last week!

    At this point, I'm going to just sell off my remaining product and take what I can get, rather than keep scrambling to make more. I know we've got 2 weeks of Winterveil, but I think that initial influx is as good as i'm going to get, without being saddled with a bank full of boots and shirts that I can't use.

  3. Hate to disappoint, but I have this pattern on a newly rolled Troll Druid, and I learned it since the Cataclysm release (although the account hadn't been upgraded at the time).

    The quest chain is also now much shorter, and without substantial travel.

  4. ObsoleteQuest has been removed. Apparently there is now a new quest chain that starts at Lilith the Lithe in the inn. Reports are that you must be level 55 to get the yeti pattern rewarded from the quest Yetiphobia Although wowhead doesn't have the quest or the training of it in their database at all.

    Now who do we believe? Commentors or the GM ticket that confirmed it has been removed?

  5. The average commenter seems to be a moron on a bad day, so I'm not exactly going to be offended if you don't believe an unsupported assertion - but if you happen to feel like rolling an alt on EU-Darkmoon Faire-H, I can prove it. (Profession link, and achievement trace on armoury that shows me only getting to Winterspring 4 days ago).

    Perhaps the GM ticket referred only to 'I once completed the old quest - can I still get the Yeti on the strength of that?', rather than 'is the yeti still learnable at all?'.

  6. I have also learned the yeti pet on a new undead lock i leveled in winterspring. I was surprised taught the pet was gone. after you finish the quest chain you can talk to the npc again and she will teach you the recipe.

  7. I just got the recipe on my Goblin Warrior literally 2 days ago. Once you finish the questline (which has been shortened to only scare the closest goblin in Everlook, not the 3 around the world, and teleports you deep into the yeti cavern with a cutscene to kill a single yeti for the pristine horns), you have another quest that only an engineer can accept. It has no objectives, she just teaches you the recipe.


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