Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WARNING: Winter Veil Start Time Changed

Winter Veil New Start Time

The World of Warcraft in game holiday The Feast of Winter Veil will start tommorrow Wednesday December 15th at 6:00 AM California time for US servers, 8am on my server.  EU Servers have been reported to also have the 6:00AM start time.  Check your in game calendar to confirm what time the Winter Veil holiday will be starting on your server.  Why is this important?

Normally you should be posting the night before any patch or holiday event goes live.  The past years the Winter Veil holiday event went live at 3am, which was great for those of us that planned ahead, set the market prices the night before and made a killing on profits before other players caught on.  With the new start time of 8am, expect competition to be something crazy fierce.  We won't be able to get the jump on most of the players as there will be no overnight sales.  Every man and his monkey will be fighting over the prices of small eggs, cookies, milk, and winter clothes.  Get ready for a dog fight!  You have been warned.

Winter Veil Posts

Be sure to check out the other posts here at Cold's Gold Factory regarding Winter's Veil.  I have given you plenty of time and warning to prepare for this holiday.  Winter's Veil in World of Warcraft is one of the most profitable holidays of the year.

Here's a quick refresher in case you need to get up to speed on the Winter's Veil opportunities.

Selling Winter Clothing

Deeprock Salt Sales For Winter Veil

Profitable Winter Veil Materials

Selling Small Eggs For Winter's Veil

Making Gold From All The Holidays

Wishing you a profitable week of price gouging and holiday sales!



  1. FYI, Wednesday is December 15th, not 14th. Hate to be "that guy", but just wanted to help avoid any potential confusion.

  2. LOL - Got carried away speed posting this urgent news. Thanks - fixed it!

  3. Thanks for the reminder mate eggs and salt up just in time for bed :)

  4. Posted a ton of deeprock salts and small eggs before leaving for work today (at 7 PST) so hopefully I'm coming home to a mailbox full of gold. :D

  5. 2.5k in my inbox off of Boots at ~350g each and Deeprock Salt at 50g each. And I still have tons more in stock :) This'll be a happy day


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