Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter Veil Clothing Sets - Start Selling Now

Discounted Price For Early Buyers
Last month I gave the heads-up to start stockpiling the 6 Items to Get Rich During Winter Veil.  Hopefully you have already accumulated a hefty supply.  Winter Veil is around a month away.  There is no need to wait until the holiday starts to start selling your Winter Veil Clothing.  With just a couple weeks until December and the Winter Veil holiday in World of Warcraft, start unloading a few of the sets on the auction house and in trade chat.  Last year I used a macro in trade chat with my prices and the action statement "Get yours now before the prices go up next month!"  This had me selling a few sets a day for a couple weeks prior to the holiday.  Funny thing was the "early discounted price" ended up being more than I was able to sell them on the auction house last year once competition ensued.

Fashionable Winter Veil Garb
The Green Winter Clothes or  Red Winter Clothes and Winter Boots are needed to Complete the Winter Garb set for the Achievement.  The Red or Green Hat is also required, but cannot be farmed until the holiday event goes live.  By selling these items ahead of time, you are helping those players that are willing to spend cash to save time.  Obviously this only works for tailors that are over a year old and already have the patterns to craft these.  If you are a new tailor, you will have to wait until Winter Veil in December.

Bank Alts Buy Winter Clothing Too
Not only achievement seekers purchase the Winter Veil clothing.  A lot of players like to purchase these for their bank alts or for dancing half naked on the mail boxes.  Understand that these will sell now and for a nice price.  I recommend testing prices on your server, but a good price set to start at is:

  1. Your Faction Color Clothes - 120-125g
  2. Their Faction Color Clothes - 150-200g
  3. Winter Boots - 25-35g

Dress shoes (25g)and green holiday shirts (10g) also sell during these times as well.  Again, you must be an older tailor to already have the pattern for the green holiday shirts.


  1. I don't know why I thought I would wait until after the Thanksgiving event to sell my Winter Veil clothes. Perhaps its the consumer "Black Friday" mentality. Anyway, good reminder. I will get a few of these out now and see what happens.

  2. Great reminder, I had forgotten about this and now is the time to capitalize. Thanks for the excellent post, as always!

  3. nice one.. i'll have to start with this.. I still have the pattern on my mage :D

    another thing, have you seen - it's like a warcraft AH automated buyer thing.. quite handy

  4. Must admit i am one stupid halfwit.

    Only today did i actually remember i had a tailor that could of taken advantage of this.

    I mean i only craft about 50 bags a day on him so he was easy to forget about!!


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