Friday, November 19, 2010

Whitesoul Helm Niche Market Paladin Healers

Holy Paladins
Whitesoul Helm is an excellent example of a niche market item.  It is a blacksmith crafted plate helm with caster stats.  This is targeted to only one class and one spec - holy paladins.  Whitesoul Helm is an excellent item for a holy paladin using the dungeon queue system.  This great helm is available for use at level 55, which is around the level a lot of the better dungeons become available in the queues.

Cataclysm Gold Opportunity
This helm is crafted from a very rare Vanilla Warcraft recipe.  This is another one of the rare patterns that has the best chance of dropping off of the world dragons.  Whitesoul Helm is one of the Vanilla WoW craftables that doesn't have a crazy list of required materials.  If you have a cheap source of Thorium and keep an eye out for cheap Azerothian Diamonds, you can make a nice profit selling the Whitesoul Helm to the leveling palladins.  Once The Shattering goes live, we will start to see some players rolling the new race and class combination Tauren Paladin.  Should be an extra oppurtunity to sell some of these helms on the Horde side.


  1. Another great reason to stalk world dragons in these last few days of WoLK. Thanks for the great tip.

  2. When Stalking just be sure to have a friend or two ready to help and keep the spawn quiet, else you'll have someone else take it from you.


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