Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tracker Snacks for Turkinator Achievement

Run Tom Turkey, Run!
Hunting Turkeys
So you wanna be a Turkinator?  The achievement Turkinator is not fun to try to complete.  You simply can't take the time to loot your turkeys or you won't get turkey triumph.  It is also hard to see the turkeys since they are so small and blend with the ground.  Tracker Snacks are an excellent item to use to track the turkeys on your mini-map and greatly increase your chances of gaining turkey triumph and completing the achievement.  Tracker Snacks are also an excellent item to create and sell on the World of Warcraft auction house.

Tracker Snacks
To be able to cook these tracker snacks, you must have a skill level of 400 in Cooking.  You can purchase this recipe from your cooking supplier in Dalaran or from the cooking supplier at the Argent Tournament grounds in Icecrown.  The cost to purchase the Recipe: Tracker Snacks is 3 Dalaran Cooking Award tokens from completing Dalaran cooking daily quests.  These Snacks require just 1 Shoveltusk Flank and 1 Northern Spices.  The shoveltusk flanks are very easy to farm in Howling Fjord where the shoveltusks roam in packs.  So gather up some shoveltusk flanks and dust off those extra northern spices sitting in your bank and covert them into some excellent cooked goods to sell during Pilgrim's Bounty.  As with any holiday demand spiked item, these will sell best the first few days of the Pilgrim's Bounty event.  Make sure to advertise these in trade chat also as some people may need reminded that these are a great help for becoming a turkinator.

Any other creative ideas for profiting off Pilgrim's Bounty?


  1. Great minds think alike, fools seldom differ.

    With tracker snacks last year, I found I had a near monopolyh for the first 36 hours, and then everyone else jumped on. You may (server depending) decide to buy out any Shoveltusk flank on your AH to limit lazy competition.

    For the record, I got Turkinator last year using tracker snacks.

  2. Good tip, thanks.

    Also you can sell Spice Bread,Spice Bread Stuffing, Slow-Roasted Turkey and... orc-rogue & dwarf-rogue))

  3. I found Tracker Snacks to only sell when advertised in Trade (though for a very high price). This, however, will draw attention by possible competitioners.


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