Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Gold Blogs & Markco's Defense

Welcome New Gold Bloggers

I'm going to point out a few new bloggers to welcome to the WoW Gold Blog Community. Take a look at these sites and add some feedback, subscribe to their RSS feed, and see what you think. Both are in my blogroll as they are great finds.

Sorry for the late post, but all week I have been covering shifts for an employee who's mother died. So 6:45am to 6pm every day this week and here I sit working on Saturday as well. Overtime is good, but death is bad. Feel sort of guilt profiting off of someone's demise. Regardless, I put in around 65 hours at work, plus blogging and research time. Not much WoW game time this week.

Kammler's Korner - An excellent site with heavily detailed strategies. Got an email from him thanking me for inspiring him to start his own site. Kammler has been a great commentor within Cold's Gold Factory and continues to comment regularly.

The Vayaz - Gold Reaping - Great new site. Not posting daily, but worth the read.

In Defense Of Markco
The JMTC Blogging Carnival has come under attack by the fool that writes at GTFOOTF. Read this fool's rants and incorrect assumptions about Markco and all of us suckers that participate in the monthly blogging carnivals. Leave a comment with your opinion on the matter and show this fool how ignorant he looks. Markco's blogging carnival has helped many of us newer gold bloggers by providing us a steady boost of traffic. Thanks Markco for all you do to help solidify us as a community. I know myself and other bloggers appreciate it.
Here are some true facts related to the carnivals:

Content isn't stolen. All content is hosted on the author's site.

This brings traffic to us from JMTC, not to Markco's site.

Blogging carnival day (2nd of each month) readership nearly doubles and continues to be much higher for around a week after.

Looking at tracking analytics shows that many people find this site initially by the carnival posts.

Carnival readers subscribe and become regular readers.

The carnivals continue to bring new readership even months after they have been posted on JMTC.

Content is the lifeblood of any blog, but traffic is the vessel that delivers this blood to new locations.

So from Cold to Markco: Keep Up The Good Work!


  1. Thanks Cold.. When I read the troll post I got so enflamed I almost wrote a rant comment on his post, but I saw yours which articulated more clearly what I wanted to say, and then there's this. Cheers! :) (Damn I can't verify my wordpress account here :/) -Pheshamanal/morevespenegas

  2. Huzzah!

    Well said sir. And thanks for the plug! I have seen the majority of my traffic from JMTC and from your site. Every day I get more and more readers.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I would've thought by now that after Markco attempted to buy off Gevlon and and Gevlon rejected him and made it public that people would've been a bit more clear on what the guy's motives are.

    Let me be plain: GTFOOTF is exactly right. Markco may be sending you more traffic than you send him, but the importance of Google Juice (look it up) is what ultimately winds up using your content to line his wallet.

    If the people in the WoW gold-making community were as good at making real money as they were at making gold, Markco would've been relegated to that guy who sells enchants for 10g tip in Trade a long time ago.

    The thing is that this is the truth and he probably doesn't care when it gets revealed -- I know I wouldn't as long as I had an army of sycophants who were beating each other up to hand over referral cash.

  4. As I posted on his blog, I don't understand why people think that blogging is a zero-sum game. Why can't I, as a reader, read more than one blog? Why does this guy seem to think that just because I'm reading JMTC I won't be reading his blog, as if I have to choose between the two.

    I think this drama is rediculous and overblown. If people want to participate in the Carnival, then that's their decision, and it's none of gtfootf's.

  5. I'm sure like myself a lot of readers really don't care about this stupid little feud. We visit Marco's site because he gives us what we are looking for free gold tips, ways to enhance our game of playing the ah and ultimately more gold in our virtual pockets (so far 25k for me but im still a newb at the ah game). I receive twitter feeds from Marco and those are the pages I look at each morning over breakfast, I would never have heard of or gone looking for any other gold making blogs so for me Marco's strategy is really working well.

  6. Anyone know what happened to the Consortium forums?!

  7. Was wondering the same about the Consortium forums. I am glad to hear at least that it's not just me.

  8. "This Account Has Been Suspended" is what it says at

    Not sure exactly what that means.

  9. the goblin guy seems like a pretentious prick. he may have good info, but it's buried amidst an apparent superiority complex. the marko dude, even if he's making all sorts of deserved referral cash, operates a clear, concise blog that gives good tips on gold making. i hope he is making good money (which i kind of doubt) after all, the dude works his ass off, running that site.

    i've tried to give the goblin dude a chance on several occasions, but honestly he reminds me of one of those top geared raider guys that sits on his rare mount in dal, trolling the trade channel, talking shit to anyone who has less than a 6500 gear score. (when in reality, he's most likely sitting in his gramma's basement, tugging one out into his high school gym socks.)

  10. I personally don't read Marcko because it feels like he's trying to sell me something. I do infact read the site when Cold or Anaalius suggests something from there, but most of the time his writing reminds me of reading political campaign. "I made 10K in Jewelcrafting, ask me how!" and then you get one minor suggestion, and a major suggestion to pay $29.95 for a complete book on the subject.

    I read your stuff, Cold, because you don't do that. You research something and then post it in a few paragraphs, and that's it. I know you want high readership, but you don't spout about it during every post or have ads for your own products listed here. Gevlon does the same thing (yeah, he's a jerk, but I identify somewhat with that mindset) and is totally not interested in selling anything, just talking, which is why he and Marcko don't get along.

    I also think the Carnival is a pretty cool idea for me as a reader (and minor blogger) as it gives me a one-stop shop for some good ideas! That said, I don't see myself becoming a regular JMTC reader, but I will still be here every day, so long as you keep it real!

  11. @Nikodhemus
    Thanks for Reading and thanks for your constant input in the comments.

  12. First, thanks for your link. You may leave out the folder (/coinz), however, as this is used for internal purposes only (and could change at any time really).
    The URL will always redirect to the current website, so better use that instead.
    Perhaps I should change it right away, so that it's not quite that confusing!

    As for Markcos blog:
    Whoever thinks that he's not running it for real life cash as well besides for providing his information is a fool. I wouldn't write a gold guide if I didn't plan to make money with it and the respective blog/website.
    That's no reason to rant, however. It's everywhere, take a look out of your window and you'll realise that it's all about money!
    The good thing is: This is a relation profitable for all parties. He's got a huge community with a real nice Google position and therefore more cash, the Carnival particpants reach a further audience, and the readers gain access to a vast universe of different gold-making sites, increasing their horizon further than all those gold-making sites could if they were detached.

    If you're still wondering, think about why your employer is, well, employing you, or why you're able to sit in school/university respectively. Hint: It's not altruism. Such a thing doesn't exist in a capitalist country, and I don't suppose you all live in China, huh? I'm sure they don't need blogs for gold making anyway!

  13. Thank you for fixing it. I've fixed that folder directing on my side, too.

    Oh, well... Another thing to add, just in case you seriously doubt that Markco is a smart salesman (and this does not only refer to his WoW gold blog). You may want to check out his other blog:

    There you can read what business tricks he uses exactly. It's not like he was hiding anything - there's no reason to hide money-making on a gold site, even though his methods seem to be somewhat shady at times and I personally hate plastering my site with ads (which is why there are none, nor will there ever be).

    While I don't care about other people making money , google rankings and have listed the benefits for the "used" subjects ( = us), you should nevertheless not deceive yourselves.

    It IS all about money! The good thing for our readers is, that he DOES care for his community - because it is earning him money at the very least, added to all the fame and so on.

    If I had a gold guide for sale or wanted to make real life money in any way with advertisement, (t)his is the way to go. That's not the case however, as I'm only writing for myself and my (few) readers, but you'll get the point.

  14. haha Vayas I actually was thinking about resurrecting that blog at some point. I am still working on a business plan for it however.

    Your hypothesis is so very close to the truth; the key is understanding that great information is what makes money online.

    You wouldn't have sites like MMO-Champion, wowhead or anything without money. They are all in it as a business, just like JMTC.


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