Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Race & Class Combos, Shadow Hoods and The Shattering Event

The Shattering Event Coming Soon
The Shattering Event will be upon us quicker than you might think.  The elementals have already started to invade the cities of Azeroth.  The World of Warcraft, as we know it, will be changed forever.  Twinks have already begun to crop up as bored players decide to make a twink.  One of the biggest changes coming to characters is the addition of new race and class combinations.

New Race and Class Combos
These new race and class combos in WoW will be able to be created once The Shattering patch goes live.  This means as soon as The Shattering goes live, some players will be rolling up their new alt, their new main, or their new twink.  Here are the new race / class combos.


  1. Orc Mage
  2. Undead Hunter
  3. Tauren Priest
  4. Tauren Paladin
  5. Troll Druid
  6. Bloodelf Warrior
  1. Human Hunter
  2. Dwarf Mage
  3. Dwarf Shaman
  4. Night Elf Mage
  5. Gnome Priest
I expect to see Troll Druids and Tauren Paladins as the most popular on the horde side.  Looking at the new combos allowed the Alliance, 4 out of the 5 are caster classes.  Can you think of any great leveling and PvP head slot items that these characters may want?

Shadow Hoods
One of the hardest to get gear slots in the early levels are head pieces, hoods, helms, etc.  Some comments have people stating that these are already starting to sell well.  The demand will rise even higher come The Shattering.  The alliance side will be particularly profitable as they are getting a lot more caster race and class combos.  Shadow Hoods are also excellent choices for twinks as they currently have a boat load of stamina after the recent stat changes.  The pattern for Shadow Hood is a rare drop so keep an eye out for it on the auction house.

Profiting Off Shadow Hoods
The problem with crafting Shadow Hoods is that they take a Shadow Oil per hood.  Each shadow oil requires 4 Fadeleaf and 4 Grave Moss.  To be efficient making these requires the use of a tailor and an alchemist, so this may discourage some players who are not into multi-profession crafting.  This will be another feasible market of vanilla items much like Barbaric Bracers, Toughened Leather Gloves, Spidersilk Boots, Deviate Scale Belts, Robes of Arcana and other Vanilla craftables that continue to sell.  

So be prepared and start snatching up Fadeleaf, Grave Moss, and Shadow Oils to turn into nicely profitable Shadow Hoods for twinks and levelers.  Myabe you have been looking for a use for all the extra Grave Moss you found while farming herbs and chests in Scarlet Monastery during the Headless Horseman instant queues. Silk is usually dirt cheap on the Horde side, so importing silk from the other faction could help bring your material costs down on the Alliance side.  Let me know how it goes or if you have been selling these already on your server.


  1. Unless something has massively changed, anyone who is seriously twinking will have engineering, and that already lets you make a wide variety of excellent caster head gear at all levels.

    There will probably be vastly improved stuff available from the re-vamped low level quests as well, at least that has been my experience on the beta.

    Also, grave moss & fadeleaf are both very good sellers by themselves even now, as is the shadow oil, and with the inevitable flood of goblins (+alchemy bonus) and just people who will be levelling alchemy to get the dragon transformation mount I reckon you should just be selling the raw mats for levelling it at a huge mark-up!

    Finally, and probably most importantly, there's going to be new heirloom headgear soon with an XP bonus (though of course they won't be around for a while) but I have a feeling the crafted hat business will sadly soon be going the way of the crafted chest/shoulder one...

  2. I think you are right, there will be some demand for these hoods. I also think that it's use will become marginalized for many reasons--new items available, new patterns available, and other profs having gear available that competes favorably.

    That being said, if the materials are cheap enough, i.e., you have them on hand now or can farm them b/c you are an herbalist, then it would make sense to have a few of these on hand.

    Keep in mind that in all predictions we are making are using today's prices and values. These hoods sell for about 40g now on my server. If comparable new Cat gear sells for 75g, for example, then these hoods may easily be worth 60g--50% more than today.

    After Dec. 7 the market will be chaotic. Prices will be unpredictable and demand will fluctuate dramatically. The ability to earn gold via quest will increase, so this influx of new capital will drive prices up. Those who can afford BiS will get it, but those who can't or choose not to will be looking for what I call ViS--Value in Slot.

    It is highly unlikely that there will be ONE magic bullet that slays all competition and allows a seller to make hundreds of thousands of gold.

    This is a good example of a niche product that it will pay to have on hand.

  3. As for (normal) twinks, I would rather look for cheap green and blue equipment on the Auction House.
    There is a lot to be bought for a few silver or gold (blue) by new players or people who just entered any random number as price. You'll find even epic items for cheap if you sort the results by price.

    Remember how you would behave if you're a leveling twink (or even new player): You're not going to buy some cloth stuff for 40 gold - perhaps blue, yes, but nothing of uncommon qualitity will sell regularly for such amounts.

    Therefore what I do is buying the real cheap items (which are quite a few over a day's course) and flipping them for reasonable prices (green 1-5g, blue up to 50g).

    They sell decently in the evening hours, for example, and you're still making a huge profit!

  4. @ Anon...

    I don't agree that the engineering headgear is superior.

    The only thing close to comparable for a level 29 is the Gnomish Goggles +9 Sta +9 Int +9 Spi, but Shadow Hood is still better in my opinion.

    The gnome racial could get a level 29 gnome to 240 skill, which opens the deepdive helm as an option, but it still is less valuable than a Shadow Hood.

    I also agree that people will be leveling alchemy, but that's a good time to grab those oils off the Auction House as levelers dumb them cheap.

  5. Shadow Hoods being profitable mainly hinges on 29 twinks. Right now 29s aren't very active but just about all of us twink geeks expect 29s to pick up again in the coming month or two.

    Having said that, Shadow Hood is a viable option in the 29 bracket though there are many other options. Engineering goggles (like Spellpower Goggles Xtreme) are certainly possibilities but if the stats are close enough I'd rather use the profession slot for either Herbalism or Mining.

    The big killer to Shadow Hood is going to be the BoA helms as already mentioned. The Tattered Dreadmist Mask will have 14sta, 9int, 6crit, 6haste (with 29 armor) at lvl 29. This will be best in slot in most cases and classes at 29.

    However, there are a lot of twinks that have no interest in max level and will pass on BoA helms. So I think Shadow Helms will definitely be a money-maker personally. They might not sell as fast as you want them to sell, but they'll sell imo.

    -Ink from TwinkInfo.com


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