Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reader Submission: Small Eggs, Turkeys, & Holiday Sales

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Reader Submission:  Small Eggs And Turkeys

"Hello there, 

I want to start off by saying that i love your site.  the blogs are so helpful especially for a noob like me.  This is my first toon ever  and i have made a few mistakes but deft have learned from them.  Using your tips and others ive managed to turned my toon from a few silver to about 4k g . I am always looking for ways to make gold to save for cata annd eventually reach cap in the future.  I know its a far away goal, but i must crawl before walking. 

I know that the pilgrim event is coming up, 
i have been farming smalls eggs and looking for turkey to farm the meat as well.

i read that dduring that time, the cooking leveling will be the easiest due to those 5 recipes that become available that day, so here is my  question..

the eggs and turkey will sell
when should i start sellign them?  stack of how many?

thanks again for all that you do and thanks in advanced for your help


First things first - Small Eggs you are saving for Winter Veil - not Pilgrim's Bounty.  Turkeys aren't available to be looted until the Pilgrim's Bounty event starts.  If I remember correctly, you can't post them on the auction house, but you can sell them in trade chat and in the /1 chat for the area outside of your major city that requires them for the daily quests.  Some lazy people will easily pay 5g per turkey so that they can skip farming them.

As with any holiday you want to post what you can the night before as all holidays go live at 3am server time.  By posting the night before, you beat the players that haven't planned ahead.  This way you have a ton of gold in the mailbox when you log in.  Most of your sales are going to beg on the first 1-3 days of any holiday.  How many is dependant on a number of things mainly your server population, competition, and number of buyers.  As this Winter Veil will take place after Cataclysm's release date, I would horde as many small eggs as you can.  There will be a ton of new players and characters that will need the eggs.  Any that you don't sell can always be saved and sold during Children's Week.  Small Eggs sell best when posted as singles and stacks of 5 since the Gingerbread Cookies quest requires 5 and the achievement requires crafting 1 each of the required items.  So most players need 6 eggs.  So sell em as 1 and 5 stacks.

Thanks for the submission.


  1. Nice tips, as usual.

    I have stockpiled about 600 small eggs. Last year the AH prices were pretty solid at 2g/egg once the event started. I have invested 15s/egg (average) so my margins are great at that price.

    Be prepared to have the farming zones fill up with 80s running around killing all the buzzards and other egg droppers. It was hell to farm last year.

    I may begin listing these about 2-3 days before the event to get a jump on the market. Once the event starts its too unpredictable.

    One new idea this year: with all the new players and the changes to the guild system, we plan to advertise in guild chat that we will help all new guildies with their seasonal event achievements. The guild bank has about 500 eggs there too. We'll see how that works out.

  2. Oops--I said advertise in guild chat but meant advertise in general chat as a recruiting tool! Sorry!!

  3. Cold wrote:

    "Some lazy people will easily pay 5g per turkey"

    Lazy? That's a bit of a stretch! It it lazy to not farm? Am I lazy for buying my herbs for inscription on the Auction House rather than running around Azeroth farming them? How about this: "Some people whose time is worth more to them than yours is to you will easily pay 5g per turkey."

    As a young level 19, when I was first expanding my purse, I was willing to work for less money than my customers. That's how farming works: a farmer farms some useful material for an hour, and sell it for X amount of gold. Farmers sell it to customers who can make more than X/hour doing something else, and so it isn't worth their while farming.

  4. Don't forget to level the cooking skill of ALL possible characters in Pilgrim's Bounty!

    This will allow you to do the cooking daily quests on level 85 in order to get the new Orgrimmar (or Stormwind respectively) Cooking Awards! (I'm not sure if the 80 ones will be worth the time - probably not)

    There will probably be new spices or something very much like them, and being able to buy this with your alternate character(s) will be nice at the beginning.

  5. Another item to sell via chat during Pilgrim's Bounty is Tracker Snacks. A lot of achievement hunters, and do it yourself turkey gatherers, would appreciate the ability to track beasts.


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