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Cataclysm Profession Strategy : Common Commodity Crafting

"Thanksgiving is over.  It's time to work on our Cataclysm strategy."
Cataclysm Professions Race

The World of Warcraft Gold Blogging Community is all buzzing about what professions to level first. Gathering is going to very popular once Cataclysm releases as many players will be willing to spend hundreds of gold on resources on their quest to the world or server first achievements. Dual gathering is also feasable with the new ability to track herbs and ores together without the macro requirement. Some players are wanting to reach the highest level recipes before others as an attempt to monopolize specific high end profession craftables. Others are just racing for the server first requirement without much thought into whether its is profitable to do so.

Cold's Cataclysm Common Commodity Crafting Strategy
Cold's Gold Factory will not be pushing for any server first attempts. Why not? In my opinion it is a major waste of gold, another gold sink that costs extra gold just to light up an achievement box. I will be following the same strategy I have used on all my characters and my profession leveling strategy in Cataclysm will be no different. Power leveling is a very wasteful approach when in comes to leveling the World of Warcraft crafting professions. The Common Commodity Crafting Strategy focuses on looking for "sweet spots" in your crafting recipes list.

Profession Sweet Spots
These "sweet spots" are items that you know are going to sell on the auction house. These "sweet spots" or "common commodities" can appear anywhere within your recipe lists. Every profession has these "sweet spots" of common commodities that you will probably be mass producing eventually. Why not use Cold's Common Commodity Crafting Strategy to grind those sweet spots for profession skill gains while you can get skill-ups? I grind these "sweet spot" common commodities until the recipe is grey, thus milking every skill point out of them. A lot of poorly planned characters just follow a power leveling guide to get to max skill, then look for ways to make gold from the profession. They may turn around and mass produce these common commodities for profits after blowing through a bare minimum the first time while power levelling through. This power leveling approach is very wasteful, poorly thought out, and a major expense. Cold's Common Commodity Strategy is much more profitable and more of a timed careful efficient approach to leveling professions. Cataclysm will be no different. There will be a fast and expensive way to level your professions and there will be a slower more efficient and more profitable approach: Cold's Cataclysm Common Commodity Crafting.

Common Commodities
What exactly are these common commodities? The common commodities or "sweet spots" are any item in your recipe lists that you know will continue to be in demand over the course of the expansion regardless of where they are located in the crafting list. Sometimes these common commodities are available long before the maximum skill level of the profession. Using the Common Commodities Crafting Strategy, I craft these typs of items until they become grey and are no longer offering profession skill-ups. Can you think of some of these common commodities that you probably have already crafted time and time again? Some excellent examples from craftable items are:
  1. Any BoE craftable pet
  2. Belt buckles, shield spikes, weapon chains
  3. Enchanting rods
  4. Meta gem transmutes
  5. Bags
  6. Leg armors
  7. Transmuted bars
  8. Specialty cloth
Can you think of any other examples of craftables that would be common commodities?

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  1. Battle Potions... Free Action, Swiftness, Mighty Rage, Ogre's Strength. All good stuff...

  2. Kenshunter of FiretreeNovember 29, 2010 at 12:12 PM

    Not common spots... but the sweet spots might be those items that can be found on or the spreadsheets from that list the gear that people "should" try to get... like my hunter would be directed that "until you get badge gear or tier gear, get item XXXXX crafted"... those items will be the ones that sell consistently and steadily...

  3. For Blacksmithing there's always the trusty Bobalt tank set, and later on the Savage Saronite PvP set. There's also the cloth counterpart in Tailoring: the Frostsavage set, and I would imagine there's something similar available through Leatherworking.

    As for Jewelcrafting, there's the items you make through the Saronite Shuffle, and even from 420 to 450 you can make Emerald Choker, Runed Mana Band, Scarlet Signet and those, and they do sell.

    Notice that I'm only mentioning WotLK items here, another reason you should have maxed your professions two weeks ago. Leveling certain professions through the WotLK levels can be done without expense, and when Cataclysm arrives, we may see these opportunities vanish.

  4. I have to say I was tempted by powerlevelling a couple of professions to max as soon as I could, perhaps even before character levelling. I might reconsider now that I've realised that the it may involve camping the AH for ridiculously priced mats. I can afford them but it may not be worth the time and cost in the long term.

  5. Personally, I'm planning on racing to max out my gatherers as mats will be ridiculously profitable in the early days.

  6. I love posts like these because they are retarded.

    I have 20 lvl 80s, 10 horde and 10 ally

    1 toon on each side has 1 prof maxed and 1 gathering

    The WHOLE point of having alts with profs is so you never have to use the AH, and I can tell you that I have played this game for 6 years and I have bought something from the AH maybe, MAYBE, 3 times in those 6 years. If you have alts that can make everything, you DON’T need money in this game, except for mount training and that is easy to aquire if your not spending 10 hours a day trying to “play the market”

    I have 50,000 gold in my gbank on both sides, and that is just from quests and dailies, never buy or sell anything, and all my toons have epic flying. Thus when I log on, I do whatever I want, I never have to worry about farming for mats so I can then go to the AH and make money and sit there and scan prices trying to look for resales…bleh, if that’s why you play the game then I am sorry for you.

  7. Must be nice to be a gold buyer.

    oh I'm sorry, did i make an assumption? Tell me, ANNONYMUS how does it feel?

    You don't need to use the AH... good for you, seriously. Guess what though, your not the only person in the game, and everyone plays differently.

    Also, I can't help but wonder why someone who has no need to play the AH, is even reading stuff about the subject. Are you frustraited because you can't seem to figure out how to do it? Or did you search out this blog for the sake of flaming someone who is taking time out of their day to help others?

    Either seems pretty sad to me, and maybe you should get some help for your obvious low self esteem.

    (I'm sorry to the author of this blog for the ignorance and stupidity of the previous response, and hope his or her underlying self hatred in the form of lashing out at others, won't keep you from continuing to share your tips and knowledge.)


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