Monday, November 8, 2010

Pilgrim's Bounty - Easy Cooking Skills & Sales

Cheap Cooking Skill Ups

Pilgrim's Bounty will run November 22nd to November 28th. This World of Warcraft holiday event is a great time to raise the cooking skills of any characters that haven't been levelling their cooking. Maybe you haven't even rasie your cooking skill on your main. This will be the time to raise you cooking skills. By using just the 5 recipes only sold during Pilgrim's Bounty, you can raise your cooking skill to around 350. The final recipe turns grey at 355. This method only uses materials bought during the holiday and is the most efficient way to level cooking.

Selling Cooking Recipes
Pilgrim's Bounty is also another great time to sell cooking recipes. Since many people will use this holiday to level cooking cheaply, they will also be looking to purchase other recipes to continue to raise their cooking skill higher. Since the easy skill-ups end around skill 340-350, focus on posting various recipes that start around this cooking level. It is also a great time to unload some meats and fish that you don't need. Prices will jump as people leveling cooking need raw materials to cook.


  1. If i remember correctly, you farm Turkeys in Tirisfal Glades (Horde), i imagine towards the end of the week these Turkeys will be worth quite a bit

  2. @ Nik

    You are correct. I don't believe they can be sold on the auction house, but you can farm them in Tirisfal then sell them in Org and TB.


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