Monday, November 15, 2010

Profiting on Rated Battlegrounds: Reader Submission

"Hello again Cold.

I'm writing because I would love to hear your thoughts about the following subject: Profiteering on rated BGs in Cataclysm.

With the introduction of rated BGs in cataclysm, I have been considering whether a market will rise for BoE profession items. Assuming BGs will work the same as now, with usable potions, flasks, bombs etc etc I have been speculating if I should invest in some of the follwing items:

Swiftness Potion: Swiftthiste & Briarthorn
Free Action Potion: Blackmouth Oil (Blackmouth) & Stranglekelp
Invisibility Potion: Ghost Mushroom & Sungrass
Purification Potion: Icecap & Plaguebloom
Living Action Potion: Icecap, Mountain Silversage and Heart of the Wild
Rage Potions

The two big questions I have to ask.
1. Will hardcore Arena/BG players/teams want to stock up on these items?
2. Is there a profit to be made now, so close to Cataclysm with the prices as they are now, or should this stuff be added to a snatch list in Cataclysm with (perhaps) lower herb prices due to levelling?

Are there any other professions aside from Alchemy where we might see a chance for profit when the rated BGs go live? I can't think of anything besides EZ-Thro Dynamite II, however, the healthpools in Cataclysm will effectively make this ~200 dmg non-engineer dynamite useless.

Thank you for a good blog

Kind regards, Dahmek"

Player Versus Player Battles On The Rise
The twink community will return.  Rated battlegrounds will lead to more players and guilds doing
PvP.  The PvP supplies market could be a great gold making niche.  The PvP market varies 
greatly on each server.  If you want to try out this market, I suggest you do it slowly.  Only craft a 
few of the items that you think will sell.  List a few and see if they sell before going all out with 

Alchemy Potions
Regarding you alchemy question on herbs and potions, I would grab any herbs you can get that 
are priced low.  Save them as herbs without crafting anything so that you can move them as 
stacks of herbs if needed.  There could be more profit in moving the herbs themselves and 
crafting potions may not be cost efficient.  Early into Cataclysm, especially on the Horde side, I 
would think that selling herbs to players leveling alchemy and inscription may be more profitable. 
Then once those markets settle down, the PvP market consumables may become a better option.  
You are on the right train of thinking for those potions, it just may be a little later that they are more 
reliable sellers.

Other Items To Sell To Player Killers
I agree that EZ-Throw Dynamite isn't worth selling.  What kind of things can be profitable?  Here 
are a few items that PvP players could buy.  Again, test these markets out before jumping in too 

  1. Blacksmith crafted weapon sharpening and bludgeoning stones.
  2. Rumsey's rum from Old Hillsbrad Secret Vendors.
  3. Poison removing anti-venoms.
  4. BoA useable enchanting scrolls.
  5. Flash Bombs can be used by anyone.
  6. Old School awesome gear for twinks and people who like to level in style or in maxed gear:  Barbaric Bracers, Spidersilk Boots, Toughened Leather Gloves, Deviate Scale Belt, etc.


    1. same restrictions as arena for rated bgs...

    2. Good morning Cold,

      Blizzard has confirmed that arena rules for consumables will apply to rated bgs. This means no cutthroat prices on valuable PvP consumables.

      Oh well!

    3. This time it's your site that's messed up, it seems. :)
      The text is leaking out of the blue box on the right side.

      However, rated battlegrounds are restricted, so that all these neat items won't be usable. Perhaps one can see some increase in sales for the normal battlegrounds, but surely this will not be a gold mine.

    4. I have been making a serious profit on Swiftness potions for quite some time, and especially Free Action potions, as the mats for that one are hard to come by and people don't farm them. I spend about 4g per potion, and have sold them for 20g EACH, with ZERO competition and this is a month before Cata release. My thought is now is the time to profit on these as people seem to be ramping back up to get into the BG's again even if the rated ones will not allow the items


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