Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How I'm Preparing For Cataclysm

Out of Game Excitement
So I have been spending like crazy on Amazon with all of the crazy Black Friday week and Cyber Monday and Tuesday deals.  I'm approaching spending around $1K this week at Amazon.  Got my new headphones, which I am loving.  Ordered a few books for me and the wifey, but I can't wait for the ProBlogger Book to arrive, as I've finished Blogging All-in-One For Dummies, which was 6 great books in one.  I got a Wii bundle for my wifey to play on, which came with a $50 credit towards a game, since we bought it together with a Wii Fit.  I found a Wii DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle for $99.99 minus the $50 credit, so I got the game, 2 turntables, and a microphone for $50 - no tax, no shipping.   I love Amazon!  And thanks to my Cataclysm Pre-order through Amazon, I'll be getting a $10 credit towards another game soon.

In Game Excitement
"Ok Cold,  enough about all of the cool stuff you are getting from Amazon.  What are you doing in World of Warcraft?"  Not a whole lot.  I'm doing the same thing every one of you should be doing.  Getting ready for Cataclysm.  I procrastinated on the last couple of Patches and got caught without enough glyphs pre-made to fully take advantage of the glyph-mas bonanza.  So these are the main things I am doing in this final week to get preapared for the Cataclysm in World of Warcraft.

  1. Buying out cheap items.
  2. Crafting as many items as I can to be able to post properly.
  3. Crafting tons of glyphs also.
  4. Cleaning old junk out of banks.
  5. Clearing out excessive mail and organizing my 6 guild banks.
  6. Leveling up any crafters that aren't to 80 yet.
  7. Raising reputations on crafters that are missing some reputation required recipes.
What else are you doing to get ready for the World of Warcraft Cataclysm release that is a week away?


  1. I've started selling off much of my stock already, as it seems there is much less traffic in the AH at this time due to others' preparation. My usual fare of Swiftness/Free Action potions have been steadily selling with no competition, along with Bolts of Silk and even Netherweave bags are flying off the shelves at 15g each right now. I figure I'm not going to be able to keep up with the competition at the launch, so I'm making mad cash now, much more than I made a few weeks ago on the same items.

    By the way, gotta give you your props... just made 120g from making Arcanite. Arcane crystals are going for 1g or less, while Thorium ore is going for even less than that. Bought and sold for 14g a bar withing 2 hours... Excellent tip, that's going to be a new staple for my Alchemist from now on! Tanx!

  2. Also look into turning some of those bars into Arcanite Rods, especially once all the new characters come.

  3. Arcanite Bars can proc extras, if you use a transmutation spec alchemist. Then it gets even more profitable.

  4. It's a maelstrom of activity at the moment. I've still yet to sort and clear out banks and guild banks (nightmare scenario as there's five of the feckers). The main priority until the weekend is to get last char I can to 80 (currently77) in order to have transmutation spec number 3.

    Other than that is stockpiling glyphs again so I won;t have to worry about them for 1-2 months into Cata. I thought I had plenty but the new class combos since 4.0.3a have been devouring my stocks like hungry bears.


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