Friday, November 26, 2010

Cataclysm Gathering : Want An Advantage?

(Promotional Review : Affiliate Links Enclosed)

Maybe you are trying for world first at a gathering skill.  Maybe you just want to farm for the first week to make an absolute killing selling herbs and ores on the auction house to all of the power levelers looking for server first in their profession.  We all know that Cataclysm ores and Cataclysm Herbs will be selling for lucrative prices during the first weeks.  I myself had already planned to do nothing but farm and post for at least the first week.  There never is a better time to make gold from farming than during the first weeks of a new expansion.

Are you ready for the Cataclysm Gold Rush?
Farming isually the lowest gold/per hour method of all the ways to make gold in WoW.  Once every few years, things get a little interesting. When Wrath of the Lich King went live, the Cobalt was selling for 200g/stack. Saronite for 300-400g, Titanium for 1k+, and all the herbs for 100-500g/stack.

This time around, due to the inflation of Gold in WoW, expect to see 500g/stack and up for even the lowest ores and herbs. That’s 5k/hour, even if you only get get 10 stacks. And if you were one of the first people to sell the new items, well... You would really have it made!

What if you had complete Farming Maps for all the Cataclysm Zones on launch day? You would definitely be one of the first and main sellers right?

Make A Game Plan
Anyone serious about trying for any server first or raking in the gold from farming needs to have a game plan.  You will not succeed without prior knowledge and a pre-planned route or strategy.  One of the problems I was going to have was understanding the new high level zones.  I wasn't lucky enough to get into beta, so I have seen next to nothing from within the new zones.  This would put me at a great disadvantage as players with Beta experience would be able to complete quests and create farming routes and strategies much better than I could.  That was until I was contacted by Ryan from Cataclysm Mastery.  He offered me a sneak peak into his new blog / membership site that is specifically focused on all the knowledge and secrets I had been missing out on from Beta.

Cataclysm Mastery System
After reviewing the site, I was compelled to share this opportunity with my readers at Cold's Gold Factory.  I am going to be using his system as it gave me exactly what I was looking for - Pre-mapped routes for farming the new zones.  His site also goes over tons of helpful information.  Just some of the great topics:

  1. Detailed Cataclysm Herbalism and Mining Farming Maps with In-Game add-on Data and Advanced Filtering.
  2. Quick-Start Cataclysm Game Plan for Super-Fast Leveling and Gold Creation.
  3. The Masters Selling Secret to instantly increase your Auction House profits potential.
  4. Fully Complete Cataclysm Profession Guides for On-going Gold Making.
  5. The Guide to Understanding the AH.

The Detailed Cataclysm Herbalism and Mining Farming Maps is worth it to me.  This just helps me not only catch up to the players with Beta experience, but allows me to already have a way to jump ahead of them in the race.  So if you are like me and missed out on Beta you definately need to check out The Cataclysm Mastery System.

Thanks Ryan for allowing me to review and use your product.  Keep up the good work!


  1. How is this different from using gatherer/gathermate together with the updated database from beta? And how is it worth $97?

  2. I agree with Anon1, it simply doesn't seem worth shelling out £40 odd quid for something you can get for free.

  3. That's just it though, you can't get it for free. In theory the data might exist somewhere, but the gathering add-ons were broken in the beta.

    And it's actually $47 for a very short time. Black Friday sale dontcha know. =)

  4. I don't expect that comment to be posted (or rather that it will be deleted very soon). Anyway...

    So, you want to make a few bucks and have started advertising other guides. Fine, nothing wrong with that.
    But the way you do is not. You are pretending to give a completely neutral point of view on that guide while only posting some affiliate links.

    And worst of all you are deleting comments asking about that.
    I remember a post from you about gevlon and the censorship on his blog while you vaunt that's something you would never do. That you would only delete very offensive insults and similiar stuff.
    Well, guess you drift away from that. You just lost a heavy chunk of reputation and regular reader (not that you would care though...)

  5. I only delete worthless comments and ones that are incorrect. Simple leaving a "this sucks" comment, will get you deleted for being unable to use the English language intelligently.

    How am I pretending to be completely nuetral?

    If I was nuetral, I wouldn't be posting this at all. The act of posting it alone shows support for the product, thus negating the nuetrality.

    It is Thanksgiving break in the US and I'm filling some posting slots by showcasing a few others work, thus allowing me a little bit of a break as well. I'll be back to my regular postings soon enough.

  6. In the context of what I'd read above, posting "this sucks !" was a perfect reflection of same.

    Sure you have every right to make a few quid from your blog/work, but my comment still stands as my opinion, of a very shallow and transparent attempt at what is, in my view, a low level scam.

    Marcko plugged the same blog on his site, and reading his review, I suspect it's a sister blog written by himself.

    From previous reading of your blog, I know you're a friend of Marcko's, but you really should exercise better judgment if you want to retain your reputation.

    I still say "this sucks !", delete if you wish, but if I were you, I'd attempt a bit of damage limitation, maybe Marcko can advise you on how to repair your blogcred ?

  7. This is something I told you of sometime ago, and is the difference between Marcko's blog and yours... I read yours because you give good tips are aren't concerned with making money; yet this is a post that is basically a commercial for a gold seller website? I'm not bashing Ryan for anything, its just the principal of it. Its a fine line to walk... I'd much rather you didn't post anything, or just said 'I'm taking a break!' than go commercial like this...

    You do definately have the right to delete inflamatory comments... 'This sucks' is a totally inane thing to say, without backing up the oppinion of why it sucks or leaving any room to argue. We may not agree with you, but should at least respect you enough to discuss why instead of just spouting off nonsense

  8. It wasn't only that "this stinks!" comment that was deleted, there was also another one I remember, something in the lines of "what's up with all that cata mastery advertising everywhere?"
    Without any insults or whatsoever.

    But actually that is the first goldblog I saw today with that mastery guide that now HAS some critical comments about it.

    Everyone else is still censoring those posts (even your praised Markco)

  9. I always thought you were different than some of the other gold sites. Leveling guides and gold making guides are one thing to have on a site as you need a way to fund any extra costs. I have no trouble if you even make real dollars from your site. I though am never found of promotions like this. For some reason I never view them as independant. Do you get a trailer from the post or reveneue from it? None of my business but it is what it comes across as regardless of your answer.

    I read gold blogs that offer some insight into the gold making profession not to read about a guide I can use. I have never had trouble in any game to make gold/currency. Wow is so easy to make gold I am actually surprised the gold making talk has continued to the degree it has.

    Some posts just cause me to come back to reality and realize real dollars come into play on recommendations. This applies even if you dont not get dollars. It just results in me having less trust in what is offered.

  10. Doesn't bother me at all. I don't see anyone complaining about the ad bars up and down the sides of the content here. Same and buy if you choose to.

  11. Have to agree with "this sucks!".

    I don't have a problem with you or anyone posting an honest review of a gold guide, even if the seller gave it to you for free to review. However, it's another thing to post an ad, which this is (thus the referrer ID in the URL), while disguising it as a normal post / review.

    It being an ad leads to you saying something absurd like that his site has "The Masters Selling Secret to instantly increase your Auction House profits by 20-50%", without commenting on that. The idea that there's some mystical Secret seems like something you would normally object to.

    You don't need to be "neutral". You should, however, be honest, and this doesn't feel like it is.

  12. I will never come back to this site. Adversitsing is ok, but at least make it honestly and let peopleo know that you are making profit (not gold) for every guide that this guy sells, if not, you could have only linked the main URL and not the tag to track sales: ?hop=coldgold

  13. yep... honestly, i started coming to this blog rather than markco's because his is becoming an aggressive spam fest. posts like this, however, make me cringe.

    i really dont mind you guys making a little click through cash, but is the $18 bucks you earned worth losing readers like myself ?

  14. by the way, that dude's video is fricking horrible.. insult to injury.

  15. Well I just wanted to apologize to anyone that was suprised or misled by this post.

    I recommended this guide because it was very helpful to me since I know basically nothing about Beta and was looking for some node maps and farming routes for my own personal use.

    Like I said before, I was taking a few days off from writing and I hosted this review (or an affiliate linking ad) along with the previous day's article from wowjournalmagazine. These posts were partly an experiment to see the reaction of the readers. I honestly thought it was obviously a referral post, but after reading the comments I have added the discalimer at the top of the post to prevent similar occurances from happening again.

    I have also decided that I will probably not post anything similar to this on my main page.

    Thanks for all your participation.

  16. thanks cold. i posted some feedback and concerns of on marcko's recent spammish™ direction, a post similar to my post here and he simply deleted them. every one of them. they were not insulting, in fact they were very concise and constructive, but he apparently edit's his reader's posts.

    anyways, appreciate your post (and overall dedication to the community)

    oh well it was fun and informative while it lasted, but im dont with jmtc.


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